heartMy mum use to say “it is your heart that tells you who to spend the rest of your life with but your head only tells you who is only good enough for dates!” The head could get carried away and make irrational decisions but not so with the heart. It is better to trust your heart than your head, your heart can always guide you, and right.

When you are making life worth decisions don’t just ‘think’ with your head but follow your heart. Instincts originates from the heart and you must learn to trust your instincts about other people, suggestions, advice that directly relates to the you and act on them. If an idea, advice, suggestion or a person’s contribution (no matter how fantastic it may seem) does not feel right for you, do not take it even if it works wonders for others.

Some people may get disappointed if they give you an advice and you do not follow but the truth is you do not really need to give any explanation for deciding what works for you.

If you follow your head and what everyone says to you, you may never achieve what your heart really desires.

So which would you rather follow?

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