naira_883674094Temisan was still bent on buying the black dinner dress she saw on her way home that evening. She thought it was lovely and would look nice on her when she wears it on their second wedding anniversary dinner.

“Temi, that dress is way too expensive. Our budget is tight and you won’t even wear that dress for long with the baby on the way.” Thompson was trying not to get angry about the dress again. They have been on this dress for three days and he felt it was just one of the ways Temi wasted their hard earned money.

“I can always wear the dress after the baby. And we can afford it. You told me you just got a rise in pay.” She was determined.

“You also got promoted. So use your money! I don’t have money to buy you anohter dress after the ones I have bought during our last vacation. You have not even worn most of them.”

“Fine. Then I will withdraw some money tomorow from the Joint Account.”

“You better don’t go there! That money is not for fivololities! Use your salary!” This time the fire of anger showed in his eyes.

“I just hate your attitude when it comes to money, yet you say you love me and you won’t buy me what I asked. Just a dress.” she started to sob remembering all the nice times they had while dating. Tom was sweet and charming, he bought her everything she requested without asking what she needed them for. He changed right after marriage. She wished she knew then that he was only pretending.

Thompsom took a pillow and started to walk out of the bedroom.

“I know you don’t care! Go! Go and sleep in the guestroom as you usually do after every money talk.” She exploded into a louder sob as Thompson slammed the door hard behind him.

For a long time he couldnt sleep. He kept wondering if Temisan was being influenced by some new friends at her place of work. She never was this demanding and was content with whatever she had. Worse of all she had become unresasonable about spending. Why would she understand that a raise in salary does not necessarily translate to increasing expenses. Their two years dating and courtship was almost hitch-free but their two years of living together as husband and wife has been the opposite.

The money fights between Temisan and Thompson and some couples is not uncommon. It is in fact one of the most causes of marital misunderstanding and even break up. One of the best and most effective way of settling this type difference is to talk about it.

It is one of the most frequent causes of marital friction. If you haven’t talked about it before the wedding, talk about it now. The sooner you establish a spending plan and agree on it, the more arguments you’ll avoid down the line.

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