Am I in love with two Sisters*

sis2I have never been able to talk about this until now.

I am in a dilemma that needs to be solved quickly and I wish I really knew exactly what to do but I am also been careful not to be a loser from both sides. With my birthday fast approaching it comes with sad memories like it did in the previous years. I’m a graduate and currently self employed. I have a business center but things have not been easy with me financially since I left school four years ago.

According to my plans, I thought that by now at 30 I would have been married with kids but I have not been able to afford certain basic things that would make a woman comfortable let alone marrying her.

My challenge started about two years ago when my girlfriend, Tina and I went to visit one of her elder sisters Maria on Christmas Eve. Before then, Tina and I have been dating for over two years and I have been promising to see her family members to formally introduce myself as her fiancé.

From the day we visited Maria, I sensed that she was not comfortable about our relationship, although that wasn’t my first time of seeing her but I had never been to her house. When we were alone in the  sitting room, Tina was in the kitchen helping to cook some food; she sat very carelessly opposite me. Maria had no underwear on! When she saw that I became uncomfortable she smiled and told me to be a man. That was when I knew she was doing it deliberately. I couldn’t guess what she was up to so I just pretended I didn’t get her message. When we were about to leave, she encouraged us not to get married yet emphasizing how I couldn’t afford the expenses which was true. Tina took sides with me and said we would manage. We had agreed on a low key wedding ceremony.

Maria gave me a very embarrassing hug and kissed me, I thought Tina would have noticed. As we left, I didn’t know if to tell my girlfriend what just happened. I decided to forget about it.

The following day, which was Christmas Tina, came excitedly to tell me that her sister had a surprise Christmas gift for me. Maria wanted to loan me #150,000.00 to start any business of my choice and would also sponsor our wedding. I objected but Tina persuaded me giving me the options of many things we could do with the money. I suspected that Maria could be up to something. She is quite rich, about five years older than Tina and two years older than I but she is not married. I eventually collected the money and decided that I was going to do fish farming as it seems the business in vogue.

That Christmas evening after visiting a couple of friends I went alone to collect the money. Maria gave me an overwhelming thrill of welcome which showed that she was not only expecting me but excited to see me. After eating a sumptuous meal, she gave me #200,000.00 cash and told me it was a dash. I thanked her and told her that I would use the money wisely and would not disappoint her. Running late and for fear that I may not get a bus going back to my house that night I wanted to hurry away but she asked me to help to fix a wall hanger in her bedroom. Getting into the bedroom she was already naked. Quickly she locked the door and threw the key out of the window.She begged me to make love to her. She told me how long she had wanted us to have an affair. When I asked her about her sister she told me we won’t make it known to her. She promised that she would give me more money if I would have an affair with her, make her pregnant but marry her sister. I told her I could get a friend for her if she really needed a man to be having sex with her. She insisted it must be me. When I could not continue with the fight I gave in and we made love till morning.

The next day I felt so guilty that I refused to go see Tina and was glad that Maria never told her. Maria eventually got pregnant, she didn’t disclose the paternity of the child and Tina and I had done our traditional marriage. She has moved into my home and pregnant with our first child.

I am currently torn between two sisters. Maria still makes me have sex with her. She has threatened that if I refused she would tell Tina what has been happening between us and I can’t stand losing Tina. What puts my heart at rest is that she has moved to Sango an area quiet far from where we live so it’s not easy for Tina to know. Although she knows that her sister and I are close but she doesn’t know that I am the father of her child. I really wish I knew what to do. A friend suggested that I relocate with Tina to somewhere we would be far from her family members. I need someone to talk to me to have a very happy birthday.

*Letters from my treasure box

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