Is love oath real?

Bleeding_wound_on_thumbWhen Sarah met Jude in her second year in the university, he was her dream come true as he was the kind of man she had always wished for. Their relationship blossomed and was the talk of the school. Being a year ahead of her, he graduated before her with a promise that he would marry her. She didn’t even need to think or discuss it with anyone before she agreed to his proposal.

Sarah had met Jude’s parents and siblings and they seem not to have any problem with her. Jude’s sisters and Sarah were like best friends. She was free to visit his house and she sometimes spends the weekend with his family. Sarah’s parents had no trouble with their daughter marrying Jude except that they insisted that Sarah must finish her Youth Corp before marriage. Everyone was at peace when they agreed that she would have to finish NYSC first. That was also to allow Jude sometime to prepare for the wedding and the new home. Although, his parents had promised that they would give him one of their houses in Abuja as a wedding gift. Having lived in Lagos for a long time, he didn’t like the idea of going to Abuja but Sarah convinced him that it would just be for a start. They could always relocate back to Lagos once they start making their own money. It was a good suggestion for Jude and so he took it.

When Jude was getting ready to leave for service it was very difficult for Sarah. She had never had to live without seeing Jude for the stretch of two weeks.

Sarah cried that night like she had never did. Her attitude moved Jude to tears too. He promised her that distance would mean nothing to their relationship. He also suggested that as soon as the orientation was over he would come home. That night he gave her a ring as a symbol that he would truly marry her once the time is right. They spent the night talking and consoling each other. Jude tried to explain to her that there would really be a time in a man’s life when he would have to stay away from his wife at least for some time.

Jude was sure that he would keep to his promise. To seal that promise he suggested that they take a blood oath. It wasn’t a bad idea for Sarah who had made up her mind to spend the rest of her life with Jude. Well past mid-night both of them lay naked in his room, each of their thumbs bleeding from a new blade with which they used to make the cutting. As they lick each other’s blood they swore to themselves that they would never marry anyone else till death. They included that even if they try they would never find happiness with any other partner. They made love till morning as part of the oath. It was relief to both of them. They started addressing themselves as married.

He kept to his promise and came home immediately orientation was over. In camp, Jude was a company to be with even the NYSC officials liked him and they favored him. He was posted to town and given a good accommodation. He was well paid like a staff and they told him he could be employed if he wanted to stay. He knew Sarah wouldn’t buy the idea and so decided against it. His performance reached the organization’s head office in Lagos.

Just when he started working Sarah was posted to Oyo. Good, a place he would visit whenever he wanted to. As part of his training in his new job, he would attend a meeting in France. The management had decided that Jude would be a member of their board. He was not just intelligent, he was smart. He thought it was time to make good money and marry his sweetheart; Sarah. She was glad that he was going abroad and She perceived that he was going to be a great man. Her family wasn’t rich, so here is one who may eventually take her abroad.

He was to stay for four weeks but management encouraged him to stay 12 weeks to attend a course .He couldn’t tell Sarah but he promised that he would tell her when he arrives to make it seem like he never knew.

France was what Jude never imagined. Both at the meeting and the training he was treated as a king. He didn’t know that the management had sent him along with some non Nigerians to start a branch. It was a pleasant surprise. And the pay check per annum was what he knew he would never get in Nigeria for 10 years. He mailed Sarah and told her to be getting ready to relocate to France.

For Sarah, the surprise was not a good one. She didn’t want to live so far from her family. She had thought she would only have to visit abroad and not live there. While she was trying to convince Jude to drop the offer and come home, Jude was trying to convince her to relocate to France. This issue persisted for two years. Jude thought it was not reasonable to leave the job that has made him a millionaire in a short time.

In those two years, the relationship went sour. Jude gave up and they lost contact for a year. It became difficult for Sarah to get into another relationship. Jude’s parent didn’t even make better the issue at all. They just told Sarah to forget about him and carry on. They infact discouraged her and she suspected that it was because Jude was doing so well abroad. Efforts to get his new contact from his sisters were futile.

Sarah received the shock of her life when just the last Christmas Jude came back to Nigeria after three years with a pregnant French lady. They got engaged on the 26th and went back to France on the 29th. He didn’t come to apologize and she never set her eyes on him.

It’s been 5yrs and still difficult for her and she feared that she would never be able to get married because of the blood oath they took. She also suspects that Jude’s marriage may not last if the blood oath is active. She is more in a dilemma than she bargained. Moving on with life has become difficult.

Is blood oath real?

One thought on “Is love oath real?

  1. Because the Oath has been done, the devil is capitalising on it, the truth of the matter is in as much as blood is involved in the oath its authomatically authentic. i will suggest to the Lady to go for a target prayer to terminate the blood oath so that she can move on with her life, why is if the Jide has gotten married to another Lady from France, this makes it difficult for Sarah to still be her wife for now, until death do Jide and his new found wife. in conclussion, i advice that she should move on with her life.

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