My Fiancé Steals*

VectorPortal-Vector-ThiefI do not like to talk about my affair especially making it public like I am about to do but I just need someone to talk back to me and tell me what I need to do at this point.

I don’t want to break our five years relationship and I am afraid to even get married to him. My name is Roseline and my boyfriend is Eke, we have been dating since we were in the secondary school and he has promised to marry me. I have no problem being his wife I have even told him that I will marry him as soon as he’s ready, everyone in my house and his’ knows that we have a serious relationship going for us but my worry is that my boyfriend steals and he tells me that it is the devil. He has promised to stop but he did recently and I am yet to get over it.

When we were in the university, he would ‘cleverly’ take his classmates’ textbooks and clothes of his room mates and sell he would use the money to buy me gifts which I appreciated but I really didn’t see anything wrong with this until we left school and he could not stop stealing. He now gives excuses that it’s the devil and an evil spirit from his village.

Last year June, during my brothers’ birthday party he stole someone’s phone and when they started looking for it I knew it was Eke that stole it. When I confronted him he denied. To avoid the embarrassment of being caught I excused him out of the party and of course no one suspected him. Two days later he sold the phone and I was not happy. He merely apologized to me and promised not to do it again. Some of his friends now know that one cannot leave Eke with any valuable item.

I remember a time he sold my palm top, I forgave him because I know he loved me so much that he could do more. Besides he bought the palm top for me in the first place. As Christmas approached, my elder brother sent a message that he would be coming home from New York , I wasn’t sure if I should be excited to introduce Eke to him as the person I would be marrying but I knew that my brother would ask because he had being wanting to know if I was in any relationship.

My brother arrived and Eke had only spent a night with us when things went amiss. My brother complained the next day that some dollars were missing from the wallet he left on the dining table. My heart skipped. No body steals in my family; I knew it must be Eke.I just ignored it without finding the money or who took it. I told Eke that I knew he was the one that took the money. I was shocked at his response, “how would your brother just go back to America like that, I need the dollars too. I’m sorry I did not tell anybody before I took it. You can apologize on my behalf.” I didn’t just know what to do I thought of confiding in my mother or my younger sister but I was too ashamed to say my boyfriend is a thief. Besides I always talked about him with so much pride.

As if that was not enough, Daddy’s Rolex wristwatch my brother bought for him from America also disappeared. No body takes Daddy’s item and goes free. When Daddy announced that morning that he could not find his wristwatch I quickly called Eke not to sell the wrist watch since he did not deny taking it. When I got to his house he apologized on his kneel, crying and telling me how really sorry he is for taking the wristwatch, he said it was the devil that pushed him and he didn’t know what he was doing until he took it. He told me to pray for him for God to forgive him. I told him that I had already spoken to my pastor to deliver him from the evil spirit. I didn’t know that the evil spirit may take a long time to cast out until I discovered that he had sold the wrist watch even before I called. I left disappointed.

At home, one of my brothers had told Daddy that he suspects Eke and that he knows where Eke goes to sell stolen properties. I was not as fast as Daddy and my brother went out that evening and came back with the wristwatch. Daddy didn’t say anything to me neither did my brother; I was also afraid and ashamed to ask them anything. The next day I learnt that Daddy had arrested Eke; he’s still in detection as I am writing to you. I promised him that I would bail him if he promise and can convince me that he would never steal again but Daddy had threatened that if he ever sees him again coming to visit me that he would shoot him to teach him a bitter lesson. I miss him a lot and I wish he wasn’t in the prison now. I have never loved anyone like him and I don’t know how I would be able to. But I dare not take Dad’s threats lightly. It would even be worse if Dad learns that I bail him. I really don’t know how long he would stay there and they have refused his family bail because Dad is that ‘powerful’. Forgetting him is not even an issue because I still love him.

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