in glorious (1)Tega’s suggestion was that Pastor Mensah could be given some good amount of money to enlist Ovie’s name as one of those that would be ordained. He convinced Ovie that he knew of some pastors who collected money to ordain other pastors. Ovie had obliged.

“How much did you offer him?” Tega was sure that Ovie could buy even a Bishopric title if he offered the leaders of the Church the right amount of  money. Enough money to buy the Church luxurious buses for its members, exotic cars for some pastors or even to build a new branch of the Church.

“Three hundred thousand naira and I promised to give him more after the ordination …but he still refused.” Frustration mixed with anger showed on the vein in his neck and he wished Pastor Mensah was close enough for him to punch to relieve the anger.

“I understand how you feel.” patting his back. “Let’s give it our last try…offer him four hundred thousand naira and if he refuses we start our own Assembly.” He didn’t want to tell him that. At least not yet. He had been nursing the idea to start a Church but didn’t want to be in the fore front of a Church business. Something else was more important, he was not sure if God was leading him to or because he had big eyes for Church money.

“Four hundred? That is too much money, where do you want me to get that? The one I was going to give him is borrowed and I am hopeful that I will get much more after the ordination to payback…wait, did you mean start a Church?” he could not hide his disbelief on what Tega just said. It had never crossed his mind to start his own Church yet he did not think it was a bad idea afterall.

“Yes, start your own Church and I will sponsor it…anyway let’s first deal with the options we have. I will add two hundred thousand naira to what you have and you will tell him it’s for the post of a bishop.”  As far as Tega was concerned the Church was one of the most profitable enterprise where one doesn’t need to work as hard as other businesses but will get more money. If Ovie becomes a bishop, he was sure to also get a position of authority in the Church. It would be a good investment.

“A bishop? Ovie chuckled in skepticism. “My friend, that’s a difficult one. RedemptionChurch has never had a bishop and …” It had never crossed his mind.

“Stop being a child. You can start it. There is always a first time to everything. You are about to make history as first Bishop of The Redemption Church.” And he could be an assistant bishop. He would create that position as soon as Ovie becomes the bishop. Ovie would need a Personal Assistant.

Ovie ran his hand quickly through his hair as if it will help massage his brain. He needed to think straight and make a quick decision before the ordination in two days. Tega was his best friend since they were young boys and he believed in him but at this time he was tempted to think that Tega was confusing him the more. He had always believed that Tega was smarter and never made mistakes. Now he didn’t think so.

“So, what do we do now? The final list will be compiled tonight and some details will be on the Church notice board tomorrow.” Ovie felt like a boy who was going to lose a chance at something that was very important to him. His father was just a deacon throughout his active service years with the Church and he didn’t get much reward like some of the other pastors who had beautiful houses and flashy cars. If it were possible he would collect what he felt was supposed to be accrued to his father and him.

“We will go to see Pastor Mensah this evening. He wouldn’t refuse five hundred thousand naira. The church sure needs money to complete the new Cathedral and no sane pastor will refuse that kind of money.” His baritone voice rang with same mischievous confidence he had before he became a Christian.

Ovie knew that Tega would have a solution to the issue his father considered unnecessary. If Pastor Mensah still refuses the money they would have to start their own Church as Tega suggested but it would take a long time to have a good number of members to get much money. He once suggested the idea of starting a Church to his father but his father didn’t believe that anybody could just start a Church. God has to tell someone to start a Church before the person could. Those who even studied or lived at the seminary where not permitted to start a Church except at the instructions of God.

“A penny for your thought man.” Tega could guess what his friend was thinking. Ovie was always afraid to take decisions that would change his life for good and Tega was always the angel God used in making the decision taking easier and quicker. “I know what you are thinking …don’t worry, everything will work out fine with God on our side. By this time tomorrow you will be rejoicing.” He poured some fruit juice and offered him to melt his worries.

They had other discussions including the latest gossips at the Church and at work. It winded up with the promise that they would be seeing Pastor Mensah in another three hours.

“See you soon man, take care.” He took the last gulp and dashed out.

“You take care too and know that I am watching your back.”

He took a long admirable stare at Ovie’s graceful strides as he left his apartment. He allowed the thought that had been in his head take root in his heart. He wanted something more from Ovie than being just a sponsor of his pastorial ambition.

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Someone Has A Bigger Problem

problemsIt was a sunny afternoon when Grace walked into the small office I shared with a friend. She had called two days earlier to inform me of her visit. I had never met her, she claimed she got my contact from one of my books and needed to talk to me on an urgent issue.

Her appearance looked funny. She had a pair of thick brown trousers, a black long sleeves cardigan with the hood covering her head to most parts of her face. she had on a pair of dark large glasses. She was obviously hiding something.

Quickly she reintroduced herself with a very sad tone as I motioned her to take a seat. As she did, a terrible stench enveloped the room. I paused for a moment trying to figure out the sudden change in the air. I assured myself that it would go away so I ignored it.

“Would you like something to drink?” I said struggling to smile through the smell that had become very uncomfortable.

“Yes. Water will be fine.” She didn’t look happy and I was not surprised. Most of the people who come for counseling are usually that sad until we are done talking. I was not also bothered about her glasses as I assumed she may also have been crying from whatever the issue could be.

I gave her a glass of water and used the opportunity to open the windows and pulled away the blinds for some fresh air. I paused at the window pretending to be looking at something of interest. My nose needed the air. I heard her emptied the glass in one gulp.

“Do you want more water?” I said without turning to look at her.

“I know of how terrible I smell and that is why I am here…to end it all! Today, I plan to die and I came to tell you.” Her speech was fast. I turned around slowly, surprised and confused. I fixed my gazed on the dark glasses hoping to be able to see through into her eyes. Did she say die? Could her problem be bigger than mine? I was the one who shouldn’t be living.

I was living BROKE. I was job hunting and trying out anything that could legally fetch me money. The only thing I relied on was counseling and it was voluntary. I couldn’t even feed let alone afford other necessities. Around this time my younger sister whose school fees I was struggling to pay was killed by a strayed bullet. Everything did not seem to be working well with me. The only thing I was conscious of was the opportunity to counsel. Yet I did not kill myself. So why should she!

“You do not need my permission to kill yourself,” I chuckled. “I do not even know you…die if you want!” I said as I sat sucking the stench I was no longer conscious of. I sat back waiting for her to respond but she said nothing. How hard could her life have been? Harder than mine? I queried within me.

Then she took off the glasses and pulled back the hood almost at the same time. “Jesus!” I screamed as I stood and motioned towards the door then stopped. I was frightened out of my skin. My heart beat increased and goose bumps grew all over my body. I could not take my eyes off her. This cannot possibly be a human! I was SCARED!

One of her eyes was gone and the spot was very deep into the socket. Half of her head was dented giving it a triangular shape, the ear on that part of the head was also gone. Part of the neck skin was grafted to her left jaw preventing her to look behind without turning her who body. Who or what is this? I couldn’t query to her hearing.

Tears rolled down the one eye. “I really want to die…and I want it today. I can’t go on anymore.”  I sat back without taking my eyes off the ‘horrible figure’. I didn’t know what to say to her. It was to be my first time counseling someone contemplating suicide. “God, what do I say to her?” I expected God for any answer. Fright and confusion did not let me know if God answered that prayer.

“You came here to talk about it, so let’s talk.” I calmed, receptive and interested in whatever she was going to say.

“It was a kerosene explosion, I do not know why or how I survived. I wish I didn’t. I can no longer use my right hand. My right thigh is not healing. I still need more corrective surgeries but my aunt says she can no longer afford it. She has asked me to move out of the house since I have become a ‘liability’to her. My fiance called off our engagement when this happened. He doesn’t even talk to me anymore. Life is no longer worth living.” She was no longer crying. Her story was like a rehearsed script and I would have doubted her if not because she showed me pictures of her and her fiance. She was really pretty. Then pictures while in the hospital after the explosion and those of her family when she was much younger.

I did not know when tears welled up in my eyes and I allowed them flowed freely. This was also my first time crying with someone I counseled.

Here I was getting all so selfish and worked up about how big my problems were but here was someone whose problems I would never wish to be in their situation. Quickly, I forgot about mine! I focused on how Grace can be better instead of killing herself. Mine was like a pebble, hers was a rock!

It took months of counseling, follow-up, praying and encouraging and in doing so Grace helped me draw strength from within me I never knew existed. As she made the determination to live, she made me understand, how easy we can handle challenges if we do not allow them overwhelm us or concentrate on them.

Today after 14 corrective surgeries, Grace is prettier than ever! Married with 2 children and reaching out to depressed people.

Do not allow THAT situation get the BEST of YOU!

*Grace is not her real name, just a name we called her during the struggle. Thank you Grace for letting me share this!


in gloriousOvie sped as fast as he could, good enough that the street wasn’t as busy as usual. He would not dare the same speed on a Sunday, that is if he got a space to park on the street on service days, let alone drive through. The parking lot on Sido Street on Sundays was usually reserved for Daddy, the pastors and special guests. Not a Sunday school teacher and a former head of department like him.

He took the left turn out of the street and thought he almost ran over what looked like a small human. It must be a careless child with an undeserving mother who didn’t know children should not be left to play around where cars could hit them. He didn’t care, but he was glad nothing of such happened. Nothing ever went the way he wanted. It had to be the way the old man wanted everything to be. The street contrasted Sido street where he was coming from. It was a long and overcrowded street. It looked like the people moved there from Sido since the Church had bought nearly everywhere. Another reason for the overcrowdiness was the fact that the Church supplied some parts  of the street with electricity whenever there is power outage.

Almost at  the end of the overcrowded street, he pulled over at the front of a storey building. It was one of the finest on the street yet the building looked nothing less than fifty years old. He hurried out of the car and dashed into the building, obviously not his first time there.

“Hey man, are you okay?” Tega was engrossed in some video game with Tare his five year old son but not enough not to notice something was not right with his friend. “You don’t look well at all…you had a fight with someone?” he motioned him to a seat while he sat opposite him.

“My old man is simply getting on my nerves…sometimes I find it hard to understand what kind of person he really is,” he gulped a glass of fresh breath and allowed it to come out from his slightly patted lips “…and I really wish I knEw what to do…”

Ovie didn’t have many friends, let alone close ones or those he went to for counsel. He was never a people person, and he had his own way. He had been friends with Tega since their university days and the friendship had stayed after then. They trusted each other so much so that they could talk about anything and everything. If anything bothered him, he would talk to Tega. Besides God and maybe his wife, Tega knew him so well.

“What again this time?” his looks didn’t seem to bother him. He was used to having Ovie bursting into his house anytime and the issue usually would be with his father, or his wife or a matter at the Church. He was sure it would still be one of these.

“Remember I told you yesterday that there was going to be a meeting with the Church board and some members of the Church of which I was invited…?” he settled into the settee and inhaled plenty of air to relieve his nerves

“You mean the meeting at the Church…” he was full of interest of what Ovie was going to say. This was the brother he wanted to have that he never had.

The previous day, Ovie had come to tell Tega how upset he was that the board of pastors did not nominate him as one of the new pastors to be ordained. Tega didn’t believe that was possible since Ovie had been a leader at various departments at the Church for a very long time. He was however, invited for a sort-of-a debate with the board on why they should make him a pastor. Ovie could not answer all the biblical questions he was asked and so walked out of the meeting, cursing and threatening that he would become a pastor whether they like it or not.

Today was the final day to decide those that would eventually be ordained as Pastors. Ovie was also the secretary of the ordination committee and was still very surprised that his name was omitted from the ordination list. He had politely confronted, the Personal Assistant to Daddy, Pastor Ejiro Mensah and was told that they choose by the leading of the Holy Ghost. As much as he believed in the leading of the Holy Ghost, it was possible that Pastor Mensah could have disobeyed the Holy Ghost and deliberately omitted his name. He had been sensing that pastor Mensah was jealous of something about him.

“So what happened today at the meeting? Your name still wasn’t included in the list of the new pastors?”

This was it. Tega knew how desperately Ovie wanted to be a Pastor not because he felt God wanted him to be.

But for reasons he never disclosed.

“Tega, the annoying part is that…Akepsiri is going to be ordained too. That man who can hardly quote two scriptures correctly. Just imagine…” the anger was beginning to warm into his veins again. There were others he felt did not also deserve to be Pastors yet were going to be ordained.

“Calm down man…” Tega was as calm as always. Ovie could not remember if he had ever seen him worried about anything. Or maybe his face doesn’t just show it. Although Tega had been attending RedemptionChurch as long as Ovie could remember, he had never cared about positions in Church. He was rich, he had the kind of money the Church would be interested in to finance their endless evangelism projects. Tega never mingled in Church or joined any department.

“Akpesiri has only been in Church for two years. I taught him in the New Believers’ class and now he’s to be ordained a Pastor?” he let out another burst of air through his mouth as if to reduce the anger.

“Did you suggest to Pastor Mensah what I told you?” He eyed the apartment to be sure no one could hear them. Heaven help those who help themselves. It was a slogan Tega always used to mean if you cannot wait on God to get something, do it yourself. He knew it was not a passage of the scripture but he agreed with it. Whoever started it anyway?

“Yes, I did…that wouldn’t just work.” he waved him off. Tega knew he didn’t want to talk about it. Ovie was a typical church-boy yet interested in the politics of the Church. He did not know it was not anything different from politics anywhere else.

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Part 1: Read an excerpt from my new book #Inglorious Saint

in glorious (1)Sido street, Warri was not usually busy except on Sundays and sometimes on Wednesdays. There were not many residents living on the street since it was mostly overtaken by the businesses of The Redemption Church. The church was strategically located at the middle of the street occupying six buildings as place for worship and ten other buildings for offices, meeting venues and other activities of the church. It was rumoured that the name of the street was going to be changed to Redemption Church street since it already had a Redemption Church Bus-stop. Some church members had even began to refered it so.

The church had successfully bought eleven of those buildlings from different landlords at an amount the owners could not refuse. Landlords in Warri always pray for churches to be their tenants. It was good business doing business with churches. The remaining five buildings were on fifteen years lease but there was every indication that the church will eventually own it. It was obvious that the management of the church were determined to take over the street, but gradually. They had about fifty staff serving the over ten thousand worshippers that gathered every Sunday. Being a staff of the Redemption Church was like working in a bank. From the way the staff looked and the kind of cars they drove, it was evident that they were well paid, or so it seemed to outsiders.

As a rule to be a church staff, one had to be a graduate and not just anyone who had passed through the four walls of a university. A polytechnic graduate was given the post of just an office assistant and anyone will have better chances if they have a masters qualification or schooled abroad. Abroad, just anywhere outside the shores of Nigeria. Becoming a resident pastor or to be recommended to preach on a Sunday at the Headquarters, one had to have schooled abroad, worked in a renowned institution and has good bank account with which to support the ministry if or when necessary.

Each building bought by the church had a running business, from selling household items to barbing and hairdressing saloons. It was widely known that Redemption Church was a very wealthy church judging by the amount of tithes and offerings collected every Sunday but members wondered why Daddy, the Senior Pastor encouraged church business even when the prices of those items were not different from the general market.

One of those buildings was called The Message Shop. The building had a major place in front where various religious books were sold. It probably had over a million books and four staff. Other rooms in the building were used for selling audio and video CDs of Daddy and some pastors of the church. Yet, in this same building was an office where anointed weapons, special olive oil and handkerchief were sold. Daddy usually takes three days in every month to go to the mountain, confinement, where he was said to go and pray on the handkerchiefs and oil before they were displayed for sale. The members believed that those handkerchiefs or oil could even raise the dead.

Only The Message Shop was busy on days when there was no service. Exotic cars would queue waiting to buy the anointed weapons.

Deacon Peterman Osagie had been the head of The Message Shop for five years and served the church for over ten years. He felt he deserved more than just being the head of a bookshop when most of the people with whom he started church have been ordained as full time pastors and earning better salaries. Some even now have their own churches. He dare not complain, not only to offend Daddy but he was afraid he might offend God.

In the last two years, he had fasted everyday and prayed for hours believing that one day Daddy would elevate him to a better position or at least give him an official car like they did to some long serving members. Yet Peterman believed that it was God’s will for him to remain poor, afterall not everyone was rich in the Bible.

Two young men stepped into the shop interrupting his meditation, one wanted to buy Daddy’s latest book and a pack of the anointed handkerchief while the other was very familiar. The familiar one had a striking handsomeness, tall, broad-squared shoulders, sparkling smiles and graceful strides. He had a very smooth face decorated with beautiful large brown eyes and a straight nose.

He was Peterman’s son Ovie, and they have been arguing in the last week how the church had been cheating him on what the son thought was his right.

“Dad, my point is we, you and I deserve more than this. Granted that you are not a graduate but you went to a technical college, attended bible college for two years and have faithfully served this church for over ten years”. He looked around to be sure no one was paying attention to them even though he really didn’t care.

“Son, I have told you several times to let this matter rest and let God handle it…” He spoke in whisper with clenched teeth. “Is this why you walked out of the meeting? Fighting for me?”

He almost regretted that the dumb young man was his son. How did he raise such foolish being? He was afraid to mutter the questions to his hearing.

“Dad, I am not going to keep quiet like you and watch people who do not work half as hard as you reap where they have not sown.” He was furious and fighting hard to keep his calm.

“Keep quiet! What do you know about reward when it has to do with the work of God? You did the most unreasonable thing and you expect me to applaud you? What exactly is wrong with you?” He ran his hands through his head and constrained himself not to spit on the younger version of him in disgust.

It was November when the weather is mostly cool even when the sun is up but he was uncomfortably hot. Quickly, perspiration gathered at the bottom of his lower lip. His stomach churned around the left side and he felt like he may need to use the rest room. How did Ovie get into the politics of the church? Where did he go wrong in nurturing him? Politics outside the church was far safer, not in the church. He had always avoided it.

“Son, you don’t walk out in such kind of meetings…” He was starting to calm. He sat by his side and patted him slightly on his shoulders. In many ways they look alike. If not because he was older they would be taken for a twin. “…not because you want to prove that you respect the committee or that you are right but because of God…or don’t you have regard for God anymore?” He pulled him closer and smelt his breathe. He smelt exactly like his mother, the woman he married when he was a boy and died before he became a man. “…that’s not reasonable…you will go back to that committee and apologize for your inglorious behavior… for my sake and the integrity of this family.”

“Inglorious? Dad, you describe my actions as inglorious?” Ovie could not hide his surprise at the words his father chose to describe his reaction to the committee meeting but he decided to ignore it. “They told me I can’t be a pastor until after another two years. What would you have done if you were me? I have served as a Sunday school teacher for three years, a bible study leader for two years, youth leader for two years. Being a volunteer in many capacities. What else do they want?” He was trying hard not to scream as he searched the dictionary in his mind for the meaning of the word. Inglorious. His anger was as fresh as though he had just been offended. He wouldn’t dare speak to him rashly; this older man was his father, friend and role model. He deserved more respect he wouldn’t give to any other person.

“I just don’t care…what I mean is that you shouldn’t have walked out of the committee…you just walked out on God, that’s what it means if you don’t know.” He didn’t want to be hard on him but he was convinced the boy shouldn’t have done what he did. Ovie was not the boy he used to be, he has become a grown man, with a mind of his own.

“Dad…” he heaved a false sigh of relief. There was no need arguing with the old man, he would never understand the motive of his actions. “I will do like you said… I’m sorry for my… I’ll apologize to…” he swallowed the rest of the sentence. Any more word would mean more arguments.

“Besides, you need to get a proper job. You are a university graduate…I mean a good job and stop expecting the church to give you one.” Getting a job outside the church was something Ovie never liked to discuss. He avoided the subject like it irritated him.

“It’s easy being a pastor and that is what I want to be.” He had left the univerisity 12 years ago and had never really worked anywhere apart from the church. He was the best graduating student during his time but he had always had his eyes on earning from the church.

Peterman Osagie had always known that Ovie was a stubborn boy but he loved him dearly. He was his only child and everything else that mattered to him apart from God. He only wished the boy was as soft-hearted as him.


in glorious (1)DISCLAIMER

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Many times I go against Your laws,

Carried away with the cares of this world,

My heart prefered vanishing pleasure,

I hurt you again,

I made you bleed the second time,

To the grave again I sent your sinnless soul,

But You forgive me,

Drawing me near to You,

In Your warm embrace You keep me safe.

Oh, Your love so incomprehensible.

But for Your grace I am undeserving of Your unceasing love.

Can I ever repay You, Shepherd of my soul?

To You my life I owe

Help me love You till the end of time.

11 Questions That Can Positively Shape Your Life in 2014

 As we begin the new year, we need to take a look again at 2013, a really critical look and access how we fared. Even if we thought we did well, you find out that we would have still done better. However, whether you are doing well or not, as we progressed into the new year I have compiled 11 questions that can positively shape your life in 2014. Answer them sincerely to yourself and advise yourself where you need to buckle up.

1.     Do You Show up for appointment?

late4schoolSome people are just bad at keeping appointments. They either do not show up or when they do, they are late. When you do this, you will not be taken seriously no matter how gifted you are. If you agreed to an appointment, do all you can to keep it up and if you must cancel do so with enough prior notice. It convinces people that you are responsible enough to put them into consideration. If you will be late, call to say you will be late and state whatever is making you run late. For instance, when you make a call for being late say, “I am sorry , I will be 30 minutes late, I had a flat tyre”, instead of not calling at all or calling to saying,  “Sorry, I will be late.” With that kind of excuse some people may think you are deliberately avoiding the appointment.

2.     Do you keep to your words?

SayWhatYouMean_HeaderWhen you say something, can someone actually believe you and take your words for it. Or does one need to double check before your word can be taking seriously? This will not take you anywhere. Intergrity demands ‘let your word be your bond’. Someone who cannot keep to their word cannot be trusted

3.     What are you holding on to?

hold_on_tightThere has to be something that keeps you going. What’s your hope? What do you wake up each day and looking forward to pursuing? You cannot be living daily with no pursuit, if you do so your life will amount to nothing. There must be that one thing that if everything else fails, it will keep you going or motivate you to go on.

4.     What can you live or die for?

WhatAreYouPassionate_KindOverMatter_editedWhat are you passionate about? What is it that you must see come to reality. Such that if it doesn’t happen, you do not think life is worth living. My passion is to reach young people with the message of hope on sexual abuse, rape, porn, homosexual, addiciton and suicide. Everyday I wake up with this consciousness and most times deliberately seeking ways I can see this purpose achieve. Don’t let life pass you by, make it worth living.

5.     Where is your place of power/authority/inspiration?

Inspiration-After-Open-Heart-Surgery2My inspiration is God. I believe strongly in the power of meditation. I love solitary, especially when reading the Bible. Therein lies my inspiration. Therein lies my power and motivation. I also take my prayer time very seriously. What about you? Where is your source of strenght and inspiration from? The world is full with too many competition in every facet of life and in order for you to stay relevant you have to constantly be at the top of your game. Once you discover that Source, stay hooked.

6.     Who are you when no one is there?

304234604_640You can deceive every one but yourself. I like to quote it as thus, “you can deceive everyone but yourself, God and the devil.” Many people pretend to be who they are not just to be amongst the ‘happening people’, they tend to prefer other people’s lives to theirs. Whereas there are still others who are very kind and helpful to other people except their family members. Just so people will speak good about them. A doubled standard person will not amount to much.

7.     Are you taking responsibility for your life?

5632Are you creating the life you really want or are you just hoping it will work out? Are you in the habit of blaming people for your failures, disappointments and pains? When some people are denied certain contracts of employement opportunity as a result of inadequate educational qualfication, they blame their parents! They conclude it’s their parents fault for not sending them to the university. As true as that may seem, its your life NOW! Not your parents’. Take charge of it. Are you still believing ‘What’s gonna be, gonna be’? Nothing is going to be if you don’t make it work.

 8.     What small steady activities can you do today, that over a long period of time can lead to big long term results?

j0439558Brushing your teeth daily is a small exercise that we may never be able to appreciate the huge importance except we stop doing it for some time. Try not brushing for two or three days. Besides the stench from your mouth, there will be bleeding gums. Small activity, huge import. Now take a look at yourself and your goals for the year and write down those small steps you want to take daily, weekly. I want to author 5 books  and 1,000 articles on various topics this year, and I have started working on them, so I discipline myself to write daily.

 9.     What do I need to stop doing or disconnect from that can make a major difference in your future?

300px-Stop_hand_caution.svg_For some people it will be friends. People can be a huge distraction especially those who do not share or respect our vision or what we believe in. You may not need to totally stop being their friends but redefining the friendship will help.  For others it could be a habit, addiction to television or food. Some people can engage in mere talk, gisting, just chatting at the expense of more important things to do.

Impatience10.             Would You Describe Yourself As A Person Of Patience? Or do you easily lose it with people? What things really make you lose your patience? PATIENCE is a virtue. A hasty person can miss out important details and could be rash in decision making. An impatient person does not wait to hear or know the end of the matter before making conclusion or taking sides. Most impatient people end up regretting some of their words or action. What can you do to change that?

 11.            Are you having fun in your relationships?

Happy couple having wine on beachIf your answer is NO, what can you do to cultivate more fun?

I am not just refering to intimate relationships but everyone in your life that you share your time with. Life is too short for you to allow people rub their hurts and disappointments on you. If you cannot change the atmosphere of your relationship to a fun/happy one then quit it.

It’s a Brand New Opportunity

blank_pagesWhen I just left the university, I really wanted to pursue a career in writing. It has always been my passion. I wrote about everything! 

One day a very good friend of mine gave me a book, very beautiful, purple and red in colour. I loved the outside look of the book that I was eager to know what’s in it. It had no title. I opened to the first page it was blank, same as the next. Flipping through the entire book I discovered it was just a blank-pages-beautiful journal! I would have been disappointed instead I was consoled by the unusual beauty of a journal.

“I thought it was going to be a real-book. It’s just blank pages” I said to him that evening when we met.

“Of course it’s a REAL book!” He almost kind of scolded “its not JUST blank pages. I got you that book so you can fill it. Since you like to write you can turn that book into WHATEVER you like”. He emphasized.

I immediately got the message. The power was in my hand to decide what I was going to make out of the journal. That night before I slept I took another admirable look at the journal, flipped to the first blank page and wrote, “I’m running MY race in MY lane. I am not competing with any one no matter how fast they seem to be running. Even if I don’t get there as the first I will finish my race WELL”. From that day the journal ceased to be just an ordinary book.

It’s been over 15 years now and I still have that seeming blank journal as My Life Goal Book. Most of the pages have been filled and I am still writing in it. I visit it nearly every week as it documents the kind of life I’m living and my future. It’s my dream book and life book!

2014 is a brand new beautiful journal with blank pages!

What are you going to do with your blank pages journal? It’s like a brand new opportunity set before you. Are you going to fill it with the regrets, pains and disappointments of last year? Are you going to judge and criticize in it the people who didn’t help you attain a goal? 

Or do you want it to document the big steps you are going to take in 2014 but you see obstacles that won’t let you? Are you going to write in it your fears for the New Year?

Won’t you instead write about the uncountable opportunities and a limitless YOU empowered to achieve? Why don’t you paint in words what you want the next phase of your life to be like? Visit it as often as you can and see the positive effect it will have.
Remember you are what you believe about yourself.

I will be looking forward to reading good news from you.

Welcome to your season of great achievements


NEW BOOK: Inglorious Saints, the contemporary story of a Redemptive Love


God will be the judge of them all.

Osagie Peterman feared God and believed no one can get anything except given by God. Having faithfully served for more than 10 years all he got was mere deaconship! Yet he was content to his dying day.

His son, Ovie Peterman didn’t think so. As far as he was concerned his father was the greatest weakling God made the mistake of creating. Ovie’s ambition was not only to become a pastor or claim his father’s entitlement.

The fame, the influence, the fleet of cars, the money and…the beautiful women are part of the benefits of being a Church leader. These, Ovie is determined to claim or die trying.

This is a contemporary story of faith and God’s unconditional and redemptive love.

Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow. Though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

Starting January 14, 2014