It’s a Brand New Opportunity

blank_pagesWhen I just left the university, I really wanted to pursue a career in writing. It has always been my passion. I wrote about everything! 

One day a very good friend of mine gave me a book, very beautiful, purple and red in colour. I loved the outside look of the book that I was eager to know what’s in it. It had no title. I opened to the first page it was blank, same as the next. Flipping through the entire book I discovered it was just a blank-pages-beautiful journal! I would have been disappointed instead I was consoled by the unusual beauty of a journal.

“I thought it was going to be a real-book. It’s just blank pages” I said to him that evening when we met.

“Of course it’s a REAL book!” He almost kind of scolded “its not JUST blank pages. I got you that book so you can fill it. Since you like to write you can turn that book into WHATEVER you like”. He emphasized.

I immediately got the message. The power was in my hand to decide what I was going to make out of the journal. That night before I slept I took another admirable look at the journal, flipped to the first blank page and wrote, “I’m running MY race in MY lane. I am not competing with any one no matter how fast they seem to be running. Even if I don’t get there as the first I will finish my race WELL”. From that day the journal ceased to be just an ordinary book.

It’s been over 15 years now and I still have that seeming blank journal as My Life Goal Book. Most of the pages have been filled and I am still writing in it. I visit it nearly every week as it documents the kind of life I’m living and my future. It’s my dream book and life book!

2014 is a brand new beautiful journal with blank pages!

What are you going to do with your blank pages journal? It’s like a brand new opportunity set before you. Are you going to fill it with the regrets, pains and disappointments of last year? Are you going to judge and criticize in it the people who didn’t help you attain a goal? 

Or do you want it to document the big steps you are going to take in 2014 but you see obstacles that won’t let you? Are you going to write in it your fears for the New Year?

Won’t you instead write about the uncountable opportunities and a limitless YOU empowered to achieve? Why don’t you paint in words what you want the next phase of your life to be like? Visit it as often as you can and see the positive effect it will have.
Remember you are what you believe about yourself.

I will be looking forward to reading good news from you.

Welcome to your season of great achievements