in gloriousOvie sped as fast as he could, good enough that the street wasn’t as busy as usual. He would not dare the same speed on a Sunday, that is if he got a space to park on the street on service days, let alone drive through. The parking lot on Sido Street on Sundays was usually reserved for Daddy, the pastors and special guests. Not a Sunday school teacher and a former head of department like him.

He took the left turn out of the street and thought he almost ran over what looked like a small human. It must be a careless child with an undeserving mother who didn’t know children should not be left to play around where cars could hit them. He didn’t care, but he was glad nothing of such happened. Nothing ever went the way he wanted. It had to be the way the old man wanted everything to be. The street contrasted Sido street where he was coming from. It was a long and overcrowded street. It looked like the people moved there from Sido since the Church had bought nearly everywhere. Another reason for the overcrowdiness was the fact that the Church supplied some parts  of the street with electricity whenever there is power outage.

Almost at  the end of the overcrowded street, he pulled over at the front of a storey building. It was one of the finest on the street yet the building looked nothing less than fifty years old. He hurried out of the car and dashed into the building, obviously not his first time there.

“Hey man, are you okay?” Tega was engrossed in some video game with Tare his five year old son but not enough not to notice something was not right with his friend. “You don’t look well at all…you had a fight with someone?” he motioned him to a seat while he sat opposite him.

“My old man is simply getting on my nerves…sometimes I find it hard to understand what kind of person he really is,” he gulped a glass of fresh breath and allowed it to come out from his slightly patted lips “…and I really wish I knEw what to do…”

Ovie didn’t have many friends, let alone close ones or those he went to for counsel. He was never a people person, and he had his own way. He had been friends with Tega since their university days and the friendship had stayed after then. They trusted each other so much so that they could talk about anything and everything. If anything bothered him, he would talk to Tega. Besides God and maybe his wife, Tega knew him so well.

“What again this time?” his looks didn’t seem to bother him. He was used to having Ovie bursting into his house anytime and the issue usually would be with his father, or his wife or a matter at the Church. He was sure it would still be one of these.

“Remember I told you yesterday that there was going to be a meeting with the Church board and some members of the Church of which I was invited…?” he settled into the settee and inhaled plenty of air to relieve his nerves

“You mean the meeting at the Church…” he was full of interest of what Ovie was going to say. This was the brother he wanted to have that he never had.

The previous day, Ovie had come to tell Tega how upset he was that the board of pastors did not nominate him as one of the new pastors to be ordained. Tega didn’t believe that was possible since Ovie had been a leader at various departments at the Church for a very long time. He was however, invited for a sort-of-a debate with the board on why they should make him a pastor. Ovie could not answer all the biblical questions he was asked and so walked out of the meeting, cursing and threatening that he would become a pastor whether they like it or not.

Today was the final day to decide those that would eventually be ordained as Pastors. Ovie was also the secretary of the ordination committee and was still very surprised that his name was omitted from the ordination list. He had politely confronted, the Personal Assistant to Daddy, Pastor Ejiro Mensah and was told that they choose by the leading of the Holy Ghost. As much as he believed in the leading of the Holy Ghost, it was possible that Pastor Mensah could have disobeyed the Holy Ghost and deliberately omitted his name. He had been sensing that pastor Mensah was jealous of something about him.

“So what happened today at the meeting? Your name still wasn’t included in the list of the new pastors?”

This was it. Tega knew how desperately Ovie wanted to be a Pastor not because he felt God wanted him to be.

But for reasons he never disclosed.

“Tega, the annoying part is that…Akepsiri is going to be ordained too. That man who can hardly quote two scriptures correctly. Just imagine…” the anger was beginning to warm into his veins again. There were others he felt did not also deserve to be Pastors yet were going to be ordained.

“Calm down man…” Tega was as calm as always. Ovie could not remember if he had ever seen him worried about anything. Or maybe his face doesn’t just show it. Although Tega had been attending RedemptionChurch as long as Ovie could remember, he had never cared about positions in Church. He was rich, he had the kind of money the Church would be interested in to finance their endless evangelism projects. Tega never mingled in Church or joined any department.

“Akpesiri has only been in Church for two years. I taught him in the New Believers’ class and now he’s to be ordained a Pastor?” he let out another burst of air through his mouth as if to reduce the anger.

“Did you suggest to Pastor Mensah what I told you?” He eyed the apartment to be sure no one could hear them. Heaven help those who help themselves. It was a slogan Tega always used to mean if you cannot wait on God to get something, do it yourself. He knew it was not a passage of the scripture but he agreed with it. Whoever started it anyway?

“Yes, I did…that wouldn’t just work.” he waved him off. Tega knew he didn’t want to talk about it. Ovie was a typical church-boy yet interested in the politics of the Church. He did not know it was not anything different from politics anywhere else.

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