in glorious (1)Tega’s suggestion was that Pastor Mensah could be given some good amount of money to enlist Ovie’s name as one of those that would be ordained. He convinced Ovie that he knew of some pastors who collected money to ordain other pastors. Ovie had obliged.

“How much did you offer him?” Tega was sure that Ovie could buy even a Bishopric title if he offered the leaders of the Church the right amount of  money. Enough money to buy the Church luxurious buses for its members, exotic cars for some pastors or even to build a new branch of the Church.

“Three hundred thousand naira and I promised to give him more after the ordination …but he still refused.” Frustration mixed with anger showed on the vein in his neck and he wished Pastor Mensah was close enough for him to punch to relieve the anger.

“I understand how you feel.” patting his back. “Let’s give it our last try…offer him four hundred thousand naira and if he refuses we start our own Assembly.” He didn’t want to tell him that. At least not yet. He had been nursing the idea to start a Church but didn’t want to be in the fore front of a Church business. Something else was more important, he was not sure if God was leading him to or because he had big eyes for Church money.

“Four hundred? That is too much money, where do you want me to get that? The one I was going to give him is borrowed and I am hopeful that I will get much more after the ordination to payback…wait, did you mean start a Church?” he could not hide his disbelief on what Tega just said. It had never crossed his mind to start his own Church yet he did not think it was a bad idea afterall.

“Yes, start your own Church and I will sponsor it…anyway let’s first deal with the options we have. I will add two hundred thousand naira to what you have and you will tell him it’s for the post of a bishop.”  As far as Tega was concerned the Church was one of the most profitable enterprise where one doesn’t need to work as hard as other businesses but will get more money. If Ovie becomes a bishop, he was sure to also get a position of authority in the Church. It would be a good investment.

“A bishop? Ovie chuckled in skepticism. “My friend, that’s a difficult one. RedemptionChurch has never had a bishop and …” It had never crossed his mind.

“Stop being a child. You can start it. There is always a first time to everything. You are about to make history as first Bishop of The Redemption Church.” And he could be an assistant bishop. He would create that position as soon as Ovie becomes the bishop. Ovie would need a Personal Assistant.

Ovie ran his hand quickly through his hair as if it will help massage his brain. He needed to think straight and make a quick decision before the ordination in two days. Tega was his best friend since they were young boys and he believed in him but at this time he was tempted to think that Tega was confusing him the more. He had always believed that Tega was smarter and never made mistakes. Now he didn’t think so.

“So, what do we do now? The final list will be compiled tonight and some details will be on the Church notice board tomorrow.” Ovie felt like a boy who was going to lose a chance at something that was very important to him. His father was just a deacon throughout his active service years with the Church and he didn’t get much reward like some of the other pastors who had beautiful houses and flashy cars. If it were possible he would collect what he felt was supposed to be accrued to his father and him.

“We will go to see Pastor Mensah this evening. He wouldn’t refuse five hundred thousand naira. The church sure needs money to complete the new Cathedral and no sane pastor will refuse that kind of money.” His baritone voice rang with same mischievous confidence he had before he became a Christian.

Ovie knew that Tega would have a solution to the issue his father considered unnecessary. If Pastor Mensah still refuses the money they would have to start their own Church as Tega suggested but it would take a long time to have a good number of members to get much money. He once suggested the idea of starting a Church to his father but his father didn’t believe that anybody could just start a Church. God has to tell someone to start a Church before the person could. Those who even studied or lived at the seminary where not permitted to start a Church except at the instructions of God.

“A penny for your thought man.” Tega could guess what his friend was thinking. Ovie was always afraid to take decisions that would change his life for good and Tega was always the angel God used in making the decision taking easier and quicker. “I know what you are thinking …don’t worry, everything will work out fine with God on our side. By this time tomorrow you will be rejoicing.” He poured some fruit juice and offered him to melt his worries.

They had other discussions including the latest gossips at the Church and at work. It winded up with the promise that they would be seeing Pastor Mensah in another three hours.

“See you soon man, take care.” He took the last gulp and dashed out.

“You take care too and know that I am watching your back.”

He took a long admirable stare at Ovie’s graceful strides as he left his apartment. He allowed the thought that had been in his head take root in his heart. He wanted something more from Ovie than being just a sponsor of his pastorial ambition.

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