in glorious (1)Earlier that day, he told her how serious he was. He had a church in mind but he was not ready to tell her. His church. She knew that Ovie was disappointed that he was not given the position but she didn’t expect that he was going to stop attending the church because of that. Iyogho didn’t feel he was doing the right thing but with the tone he said it, she knew he was determined.

“Hello love. Who was that on the phone?” He gave her a light kiss on her lips. Marrying Iyogho was one decision he never regreted. She was perhaps the only right about his life. She was a good woman and indeed a Proverbs 31 woman. For all the money in the world he wouldn’t let her go. He guided her jealously that he monitored her male friends. She was not just a beauty, she was good natured.

“It was Pastor Ejiro.” She hoped he would not ask anymore questions.

“What does he want?” He nuzzled gently behind her ear as usual. His perfume usually was alluring but now she didn’t even smell it. Or maybe it smelt different.

“I called him. I just wanted to know how he was doing.” With all the events of the ordination. She dare not tell him she was going to discuss their idea of changing church. He had warned her not to talk it with anybody until they leave. He really wanted to start his own church and still didn’t know how or when to tell her.

“Have you forgotten he is my favorite pastor? I was just checking on him.” She tried to fake a smile and prayed that settles it. She didn’t intend to tell him a lie, she had never done so but now she will have no choice if he pressed her on why she called Pastor Ejiro. For peace to reign.

“I am starting our own church.” He said suddenly and he noticed the sharp response in Iyogho’s eyes. He had to tell her now. He was already making plans with Tega on renting a hall to start soon. Iyogho, their daugther, Omote and Tega’s family were going to be the first members.

“Why?” The look in her eyes showed that she was impatient to know.

Ovie took a deep breath and looked away. He didn’t want to link starting a church with his ordination denial. “I talked it over with Tega…he advised that starting a church would be fine for me now especially since I have a good experience from the Redemption Church…we will be starting soon and we have found a small hall we may be using…for now. We only just need some capital to start.” Iyogho felt he talked faster than usual and almost incoherent.

He was still talking but Iyogho could not hear the rest of what he was saying. Her eyes fixed on his lips as they moved in motion saying something about more profit in starting and running their own church. Then the name Tega. Tega. Iyogho never understood the friendship between him and her husband. Sometimes she thought he prefered Tega to her. Tega was not just her husband’s friend, he was her rival.

Just as Iyogho had thought, Tega had to be deeply involved in this. He may even be the brain behind starting the church. He had been her worse nightmare since they got married. He had always been a major influence in their marriage Ovie even listen more to him than to her or anyone else. We need some capital to start. Like a church is some business enterprise.

“So…?” She said weakly not sure of what to say next or how to react.

“We may change church first, and then as soon as we can gather much money we go on our own. We will have to pay for a new place, buy furniture and a lot of stuff that will make the place look like a proper church. We do not have that kind of money for now. Tega and I discovered a new church we may attend this Sunday. They need hands to help build the church and I think we will just fit right in…” There was excitement in Tega’s voice. He was finally making a head way to being the person he had always wanted. He had always wanted to be a pastor with a congregation that would make him richer than any pastor that ever lived. “…however, if Tega gets the money he is expecting tomorrow, we will rent a place and start this weekend.” He was hoping to see a corresponding excitement but Iyogho just looked blank and lost. She will adapt he concluded.

Iyogho was lost in his explanation. She was angry but tried not to show it. “Ovie let’s take some time to pray about this. I am just not comfortable about this sudden change of church…starting a church…renting a place…I am not just comfortable.” She almost retorted. She didn’t want to say exactly that she knew he wanted them to leave the church because of the title.

“Haven’t you always been the one who says God is the same everywhere? So, it should not matter what church we attend so long we call on the name of the Lord.” That was the reason he planned to tell anyone who would ask him why he was changing church. God is the same everywhere.

“Ovie this is just too soon, everyone in the church is just going to assume we left because you were not ordained a pastor.” Finally she let it out.

“But that is the truth my dear.” His face changed like he was ready to defend himself. Iyogho thought he would deny it or even be offended.

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