You can be a better person!

child-abuseLast month, I had the privilege to reach out to over 1000 young people in secondary schools talking about love, sex, masturbation, pornography, relating with the opposite sex, etc. Over half of this number has been sexually abused especially by those they trusted most, others were taken advantage of when they set out for adventure. Some were still living in the abuse and didn’t want to talk about it for fear of what would happen if the abuser found out that they are seeking freedom.

Some believe God is not real since He did not ‘rescue’ them from the hands of the abuser and they can never trust man or even get married!.
The hurt is so deep and have set some on a revenge mission – hurting others as much as possible. They end up living with this hurt the rest of their lives. Some transfer it to their spouse and or children; deliberately hurting others as excuse and payback for the way they were treated. They remain on the cheated side of life!

Have you been sexually abused and you think life is so unfair, so cruel, you are determined to take a revenge? How bad is it? Is the pain beyond your thighs? Do you want to write to me about it?

Of course I have a big shoulder and I have seen many hurts in life. These hurts have only made me a better person. I am not being boastful, which is not bad anyway, but I have gone through the fire and flood and God has always helped me bounce back.

Does the experience make you feel all men are evil or all women are witches? God does not want you to keep living a hurting life? Come on dear! The Potter wants to put you back together again.

Have a great week!

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