black-couple-2I have never experienced orgasm and my husband is not happy because I don’t attain it during love making although I get sexually satisfied. How can I assist him so I can reach orgasm during copulation?


When a man feels his wife is not sexually satisfied, it puts him on edge because he thinks he is a sexual failure. He could become insecure and could begin to think that his wife will seek satisfaction elsewhere. The inability of some men not been able to get their wives to orgasm is an excuse for infidelity. Although you don’t feel bad, it is an issue with your husband, therefore it must be resolved.

I am glad that you are sexually satisfied even without orgasm but you can get a better satisfaction if you can help him get you to the point of orgasm. Sex between husband and wife is designed to be free of inhibitions, fun and enjoyed by both parties. To achieve this, there must be freedom of expression. A couple must be ready to communicate their likes and dislikes to each other without fear or embarrassment. That is what the Bible refers to as being “naked and not ashamed”.

Help your husband.

Talk to him about what turns you on the most. Tell him the parts of your body that are easily excitable and gently guide him there especially during the act. If you can help him ‘thoroughly’excite you during prolong foreplay, it becomes easier and quicker to attain orgasm. Ensure that you are also participating in the act, touch him too. Make it intimate and enjoyable for both of you to find pleasure in each other.

Some of these responses have been aided by the book Home Affairs:Questions Married Men and Women Ask by Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.