ANOTHER MINI BOOK: What’s Wrong With Masturbation?

Newly Edited1During one of my sessions recently, I was talking about pornography then delved into masturbation, I talked about what could lead to masturbation and how people can avoid or handle addiction to it. Then, one of the students passed across to me a piece of paper, scribbled on it was, “I have been having loads of fun since I started masturbating. I enjoy it. Now you say it’s not right. What exactly is wrong with masturbation?” My first response was, “Is there anyone here who would love to walk into a prison to have fun? Do you think the prison is a fun place?…that’s what I think addiction to masturbation is. You think it’s fun when you are actually enslaved.”

It was not strange, I am used to teens putting up defensible questions and or responses when trying to justify themselves of a wrong doing. So I recommended that they get a copy of my book for my reasons why addiction to masturbation maybe harmful.

The mini book has used real life experiences to explain

  1. What masturbation really is
  2. Why masturbation is not good for you
  3. How to avoid being a victim of it and
  4. What to do if you are addicted

It’s 100naira a copy and over 1000 copies have been distributed to schools paid for by well meaning individuals so the students can get it for free. To get for your school, church or other groups call or text 234802-660-3057 or email

Just like most of my mini books, I also included some tips on how parents/counselorscan know and help a child addicted to masturbation.