I have often heard people talk about it. I have read about it severally but  I have never had the opportunity to witness nature and the magnitude of God’s awesomeness until one morning.

It started like a normal Saturday morning but offensively warm as the sun came out earlier than expected. Everyone busied with laundry not to waste away the usefulness of the sun. Minutes later, the sun disappeared giving way to a cloudy sky but it was still warm so we had no concern of rain.

Gradually, the scent of fresh water rain glided in through my window interrupting my morning devotion. I could not resist as I stood and went to the balcony to see if it was really going to rain. Since our staying in this new place the balcony had been my favorite viewing spot. The view is usually beautiful especially because our house is on a hill. It gives me the privilage of seeing an entire valley of houses and activities.

Right above the houses on the valley, I saw a whirlwind! So much dust spinning in the air! It was as though the valley had disappeared as it was covered with a smoke like air. It caught my interest as I fixed my gazed. Then it began to rain heavily in the vallay, yet not raining at where I stood! How possible? How could it rain at house 3 and nothing of such is happening at house 5. God! Then gradually, the rain came to where I was as though it heard me.

The sight was very lovely and gave me another opportunity to be drown again in the awesomeness of God. As it poured heavily, few houses away, a man ran into the rain rejoicing at the heavy downpour. He has a small farm in front of his house and has just planted vegetables. He walked in the heavy downpour inspecting the plants. Smiling happily. I guess appreciating God and enjoying the coolness of the morning rain.

Sadly, his neighbour, did not see this as a blessing as the family of four struggled with part of their roof which had just been blown away by the wind. Most of their properties were in threat of being destroyed by the rain. The wife was shouting, “Lord please have mercy on us”. In futitlity they left the roof. It was badly damaged and there was not much they could do in the rain.

As I watched these scenerios trying to figure out how God works, I turned my gaze away praying for this family even though I had silently rejoiced with the farmer. My concentration was distracted by a  a driver in a Deawoo car just in front of my house. He was struggling to cover his side of the window with a plastic bag, but the wind was too strong. The screen was obviously gone. He looked dressed for an occassion. He was soon drenched just by trying to shield himself in his car. I recognised the car as I have seen it in the area before. It looked nice, new and I would never guessed it could have a minor fault that would cost the owner his outing or delay him.

Life! One man’s blessing, yet another’s sorrow! The farmer’s prayer was answered as it rained. He probably have been expecting it for God knows how long. His business was in threat as he was not sure if the vegetable would turn out well if the rain delayed. Who knows, he may even have been up all night crying and calling upon God! By morning God answered.

This is not to say that God is partial to those who struggled in the rain. He usually answers our prayers in a way we mostly don’t expect. He could have provided a new or better accomodation for the family with a blown roof. He could be deliberately delaying the one in the car for maybe to avenge an unlikely situation. Anything God allows is for our own good.

Be patient! God is not through with you yet.


window shop

Friday night, I was helping my hubby look for one of his study jotters. As I scurried the bookshelf, I stumbled on my old Life-Goal-Journal of 2004. It was my 2004 treasure. I had just graduated from the University and I had many lofty dreams, many things I wanted to do and become and that journal had all my thoughts in it. As all dreams and everything I wanted life to be for me. I flipped through its pages forgetting why I was there in the first place.

When everyone had gone to sleep, I stayed up studying the journal. I paused for a long time on a page I titled, MY CAREER GOALS FOR THE YEAR. A tear rolled down the corner of my eye and I let myself shed quick tears. Whatever happened to me! 10 long years after writing those goals I was yet to fulfil up to 70% of it. How did I lose track? I asked myself. What stopped me?

I had just started a career in writing that year and I was concluding my first book, a novel. I had other synopsis of various books I had either worked half way or concluding. I was sure that given another 2 years I would be near being an accomplished author and writer. Instead that novel and other books stayed in my computer for another 3 years before it saw the light of the day.

Then someone I trusted and looked up to told me it was a bad idea writing a novel and infact that I should not venture into writing as I was a bad writer. I felt bad and took his judgement seriously. I packed up my novel and all the script I had built over the years to pursuit another career but I was never happy or satisfied.

I flipped through more pages and I was disappointed at myself, I had not lived up to expectation. Not much had been achieved as I wanted, well except that I wrote I wanted to get married and have children and that happened! Lolll.

When I got up on Saturday morning it was with a heavy  heart of how to correct those years I had missed out. I decided to just take some time alone to draw inspiration from 10 years ago. I got dressed and took my children with me to this huge shopping mall. Its quite some distance from my home but I wanted to enjoy the drive. Once we were in the mall, my four-year son sped off into the toy shop. In his excitement he started pointing at everything almost at once.

“Hey! See a plane! I can fly a plane. Remember I told you I would become a pilot so I can fly you in my plane?” his eyes had seriousness!

“See this ship! I can be a captain too! Wowwww! Is this a toy doctor? I have never seen one. I am going to be a real doctor so I can take care of everyone.” He moved onto admiring other toys.

He reminded me of myself. I felt same way. I was convinced I could be anything I wanted just like my son. We moved into a bookstore.

“This is the biggest library in the world! Mummy you can write many books like this?” “Yes I can”. I was glad I came with him. He helped my rearrange my thoughts. As I moved on to a section of the bookshop, I got lost imagining if my books could have gained a space on the shelf of this renown bookshop if I had continued writing 10 years ago.

The more I looked through the bookshop, the more it appeared to me that there was still time to go back to 10years ago and pick up from where I stopped. After spending about an hour in the shop, I made a resolution not just a write everyday but to make sure that I share same with people. Amazing how it can be if we put our hearts to what we really want to do. Not only have I produced nothing less than four books this year but in a space of less than a month I gained a good number of followers reading my articles.

What’s your excuse? What dream have you given up on because you think you left it too long ago? It is time to pick up from where you left off. Yes, you can be all you want to be. Like me, you can try window shopping! It could be very motivating. What is it that you wish to become? Look around for somewhere it already exist and associate yourself. This can help you get started.

Keep window shopping until your dream come true!