Just A Little Act Of Kindness

ragEarly last December, my husband and I were clearing our house in readiness for the holiday when we discovered that we had so many old stuff that we needed to do away with. We started with the children’s clothes. We were surprised to see how much children’s clothes and shoes we didn’t have need of. They were so much that they filled more than three large boxes, this was not inclusive of toys! We decided we would give them to charity but we did not act on that decision immediately. Weeks past and nothing was done. Then one day, a former colleague came visiting and told us of how things were not financially stable for them and they needed to buy clothes and shoes for their children. I thought about the shoes and clothes, even though most of them were still in very good state, I wasn’t sure if they would want used stuff. We asked if they wanted to go through these boxes and see if they could find anything that could be useful to them. Few minutes later, they selected some clothes and shoes. They left excitedly full of gratitude. Two days after Christmas, the couple came to visit us with their children dressed in those clothes and shoes. I almost could not recognise they were same clothes! Their expression drove me to tears! Those were clothes we have abandoned for at least two years. Clothes we were not sure anyone could find useful let alone use for a festive season. It even hurt the more knowing there were children I may know who didn’t have clothes or shoes for Christmas. Yet I had shopped for new ones already!

We were glad to be a blessing to this couple but it left an impression in my heart. There would always be someone in some sort of need we can meet if we really care. Most of the time that person is just around the corner, someone we probably see and maybe talk with often. And sometimes someone’s biggest need may be something that is almost irrelevant to us.

Do you still have clothes, shoes and other household stuff you no longer use? Do you have food enough that sharing with someone won’t mean anything to you? You do not need to have in excess before you can share with someone. You just need to have the heart; a mind that remembers that while you change your wardrobe nearly every month, there is someone who has never worn a new cloth or shoes. While you have much left-overs from your dinning table, there is someone who those left-overs may mean the best food they had eaten in whole year! You do not have to be rich and famous to make a positive impression in the life of someone. You do not need to have all the money in the world to put a smile on someone’s face. You do not need to have or join an NGO to show just a little kindness.

God is a giver and as His children the bible encourages us to be same. Never think you do not have anything you can give to put a smile on someone’s face. Besides giving material things, what about giving your time, a listening ear, lending a hand of help, a soothing pat, a kind word spoken in season. There is just so much we can give!

The world would be a better place if we would just keep on showing that little act of kindness.

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