A Tribute For The Chibok Girls

It’s been 60days or so since you and your sisters left suddenly,


Without a trace.

Not even a while for me to help you pack for your journey,

Or invite the neighbours for a sendoff party

Rumour says you are captured,

Seized for a reason your captors are not even sure of.

Oh! How the news of your disappearance has brought me and many sorrows,

Pain and hurt.

Dear Amina, I am sick and worried

Worried about you

And the rest of your sisters in captivity

How are you faring?

What are they doing to you?

Are you feeling as much pain as me?

Oh! How I wish I can help

How I wish I can rescue you from you captors.

How is my dear Mary?

I checked on her on my way to church

Rumour says she and her sisters are amongst the captured.

Pray Zainab. Pray Maya. Call on your Creator Zaiki

Don’t stop hoping for help Halima, look

To the One who can kill and make alive,

The One who can deliver you without struggle.

As for me and the rest of your family

We have been praying and hoping

For your safe return,

Yet nothing has been said if or when you would return

Instead some of your family members

Were killed in Abuja, Yanya boiled in hot blood

Yes Adisat, the rest of the North, your own village

Is still boiling with terror, violence

Blood, mingled flesh, tears on the street,

But I have found another home outside town,

It’s a cave hidden between the rocks

I only hope I will find safety in it,

I wish you were here in this cave with me now.

I heard Zainab and Tomi escaped

They have since returned home

Why didn’t you flee with them?

Isn’t it better to try dying than to remain with your captor?

I am worried my damsel

Rumour say that men are defiling your unripe thigh

Is this true?

My eyes are still wet as when you left

Are you dead or alive?

When will I see your beautiful face again?

Or hear your sonorous voice?

When again my young lady will I be

Fluttered by your sweet smiles

I have failed you my beautiful one

I could not shield you

Forgive me, I can’t even help myself

I have called on help for your rescue

Nothing has happened

Yet I am too overwhelmed and afraid

To embark on rescuing you alone

That your Sambisa forest, it’s far!

I hear it’s too dangerous

Of wild animals and the wickedness of man’s intent

Who will bring you again to me?

When will I feel your warm embrace again?

Or hear your sweet giggling?

My heart is heavy

No, your life does not deserve to be a ransom

You are innocent, faultless

Again, I call with a croaked-pained voice

Bring home the girls!


Photo Source: channelstv.com

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