motherSome months ago Zara wrote me asking if I could tell her what to do to her husband who comes asking for his full right over her boobs as soon as their 4 Months old son sleeps off. According to her, he’s being doing it more frequently since the arrival of the baby and she worries that the baby won’t have enough milk by morning. He would beg her to allow him at each attempt to stop him. She ended her note with, “he makes me feel like I have to breastfeed him especially during love making’.
I was initially uncomfortable discussing this openly as Zara wanted but I received more questions from young mothers especially asking if it was fine to allow her husband ‘suck’ while still breastfeeding a baby.

New mothers like Zara believe they breastfeed their husbands during love making and some of them are not comfortable with this; mostly worried for the sake of the baby not getting enough milk later or the baby contracting some kind of infection.
I am not a medical doctor and I believe that once you are worried about issues that are medically related, you should see a doctor to put your mind at rest.

Fondling or nibbling on the boobs are great fun for men during foreplay and you should learn to cooperate and enjoy it with him. However, if you are irritated or worried that you might be bruised, before taking a decision to make him stop it, talk to him first. It is believed that most men like that part of his woman’s body when fondling.
It is also believed that some husbands do not mind ‘sharing’ from the breast milk. That doesn’t mean that you are breastfeeding him like you do to your baby. He also does not deliberately comes to you for the sake of the milk but because he misses and desires your affection.

In my opinion, if it doesn’t hurt you, then let him have fun!

See a doctor if you have medical worries.

If you can convince him to wait for you to wean the baby that is also great.
Put these aside and enjoy all the bedroom fun with your husband.

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