Its end of the first half of the year, so what?

juicyAt the beginning of the year, most people come up with a list of what they want to achieve at a particular period in the course of the year. Then they begin to work towards it with expectations that their desires
will come true. Then something happens and things doesn’t go as planned.

Disappointment sets and one might become unnecessarily pressured seeing that half of the year has gone by and you have not achieved half of what you planned at the beginning of the year. But should this really be the case? Should we make our life plans according to how the days dictate or on our ability and whether we have set realistic targets considering our current situation.

One of my new year dreams was to become a chartered international PR consultant. This was a target I moved from last year. As the year started with expectations, I took some of the trainings and examinations in pursuit of my desire. Unfortunately, I did not consider that my business young and needed as much money and time as I could afford. Your guess is as good as mine on what happened next. I performed woefully in both business and in my exams. As much as I am not proud saying it, this is what happens to some of us sometimes. We fix a target for something we want to achieve without considering all the variables.When I got through with the first stage of the exams, I could not pay the fees for the next stage. Not only was the exams expensive, one has to be online at certain hours of the day for lectures. My new business was already suffering and some clients had complained that I was not giving their job priority. It was tough and I still wanted to achieve that much by mid year. Sadly, I dropped out of pursuing getting certified as an international PR consultant. Not for long though. I asked myself why I have put some much pressure on myself like most of us do.

The trust is we are each running our own race in our individual lanes, we are not in competition with anyone neither is anyone with us. So if you haven’t achieved what you planned don’t get too hard on your self. You can reset the target; the control is in your hand.

Don’t count your losses or regret over your misses in the first half; at least you learnt something – how not to fail. Do not use other people to measure your success or how well you are doing.



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