Dear Emike: Is He Sterile?

unhappy-coupleI got married about a year ago and I am very worried that my husband could be sterile. Sometimes, it takes a very long time for him to have an erection, at other times he just says he’s not in the mood but I know it’s because we have been talking about how slow he is to get erected. Now he avoids sex and I am really getting frustrated. Do you have any idea what I can do?


I am not a doctor neither do I have any medical experience to answer your question medically. I strongly advise that you see a medical professional. However, let me tell you what I think from experience. Men do not have the same ‘ejaculation speed’ so you have to be patient with him. You may probably be comparing his ability to give you sexual satisfaction with other sex partners you had before you met him and before you got married. You have to be extremely patient with him, follow his lead.
You also have to encourage him and appreciate him after each love making even when it’s not what you expected. Making a man know that he’s not satisfying you is enough to make him loose interest in making love to you.
No one is perfect and sexual experience with couple gets better as they continue to make effort towards it. You are just only a year the in the marriage and I can bet you that it can only get better as you are patient with your partner and put effort to make the experience a better one.
The issue could also be that you get to orgasm faster than him then you have to slow down using extensive fore play and seeing that he is also near orgasm before you ‘join the flight’.
You may also want to find out what turns him on, those sensitive spots that gets him on. Do that even before you get your clothes off. Get creative. Seduce him, he’s your husband.
If your ordinary creativity doesn’t work then try medical.
I wish you the best.

This question was originally sent to my inbox and shared with permission from the sender.

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