crying-black-italianI had this pretty-petti classmate in secondary school. She was intelligent and very quiet. We spent most of our break time together reading. She didn’t like to talk and she was obviously a sad girl. She cried at almost everything. When we were about leaving school I wanted to remain her friend but she declined neither was she interested in being anyone’s friend. I never was able to erase her memory, intelligent and pretty yet unhappy.

Five years later, I was hanging out with a friend at a mall when I saw someone that looked like her. At first I wanted to go after her but I restrained. I remembered how she had turned down my friendship and how she said she didn’t want anything to do with me. I looked away from the figure and continued my chit-chat. It may not be her.

She took a table not too far from us. Placed her order and busied herself with her phone. I looked closely. It was her! Prettier than before. I moved over to her table with excitement pulled her up and hugged her. She didn’t seem as excited as I was. There was still that same sadness in her eyes. This time I had the guts to question her and extended a hand of friendship to help her with whatever it was if I could. We took a private corner.

She told me how she was raped and abused by her uncle she was living with then; sometimes he even slept with her before coming to school.

Anger welled up in me, “why didn’t you say then? Where is he now?”

“He’s dead. He was sick and died. I was afraid then. I am still afraid now.” She started to cry. I tried to console her but the moment I held her hands tears came rolling down my cheeks too. I felt the pain, hurts of the years. Worse of all the betrayal. Betrayed by the one who is supposed to love, care and protect her.

I am glad that today that is no longer her story. She is healed and championing the fight against rape and sexual abuse.

Were you raped and still hurting? Is anyone having sex with you against your wish? Are you in any kind of abusive relationship and afraid that something bad may happen to you if you speak? Do you know anyone who is in a relationship and suffering? My friend’s life was spared but there are many who have died from abusive relationships either killed by their partner or killed themselves because they could no longer live with the pain and hurt.

There is a better you lurking within, suppressed by the hurts, let it out.

I will be available to pray with you and give you practical counseling if you desire. Send a mail to

Photo source: mdginafrica

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