1. Courting is not dating. Courting has positive intentions, dating may not.
  2. Courtship starts when a male and female decides to take their relationship deeper with an intention to get married
  3. Courtship is done with the agreement of the parties involved
  4. Courtship is intended to direct you away from making a marital mistake
  5. Courtship is not marriage but courting is healthy IN marriage
  6. Courtship does not have to develop into marriage.
  7. Courtship is best started when you are READY for marriage
  8. A failed courtship is only an indication that you and your ex are meant to be just friends
  9. It is a time for prayer and seeking God’s leading for your expected future.
  10. The length of your courtship cannot determine whether you will have a good marriage or not.
  11. You cannot court more than one person at a time.
  12. Courtship is not a time for sex. Sex is a gift reserved for marriage
  13. Courtship has a goal; to get married
  14. Courtship is a time to improve yourself to the desirable partner
  15. It is a time to INVEST and PLAN in the future
  16. Courtship eliminates doubts and insecurity about the relationship
  17. It is a time when you get to know the family and friends of your intending spouse.
  18. Courtship removes fantasies and pretense from the relationship
  19. Spiritual and emotional maturity is a necessity to handling issues in courtship and eventually in marriage.
  20. Courtship is a selfless relationship. It is a time you put your partner FIRST.
  21. Courtship does not guarantee happiness. Be happy with yourself first.
  22. Courtship cannot heal emotional hurts/pain from a previous relationship.
  23. Stop the courtship if you can’t see yourself marrying that person.
  24. Getting pregnant during courtship should not automatically translate to marriage
  25. It is not right to address each other as “my wife” or “my husband” during courtship.
  26. Courtship is not a time to co-habit (living together)
  27. Courtship requires patience, love, prayer, transparency and oneness.
  28. A healthy courtship should bring the best out of you.
  29. Courtship is a time to be honest about your life and past experiences
  30. Courtship is a time to work and earn a living
  31. Don’t rush your courtship. You will miss out of the fun
  32. Only enter into courtship with the person you believe you can spend the rest of your life with
  33. A healthy courtship has good communication.
  34. Whatever habits formed during courtship is expected in marriage
  35. Courtship is where you can become best friends.
  36. Courtship is a time to seek guidance and counsel not just from God but other authorities God may have put over you .
  37. It is a time to learn how to sacrifice. Sacrifice sustains a marriage
  38. Courtship is a time to be REAL. Not trying to impress, cajole or pretend so you can get married
  39. If or when you are not SURE of your decision, pause the courtship. It is better to make mistakes in courtship than live with someone you will not be happy with the rest of your life.

I will be available to pray with you and give you practical counseling if you desire. Send a mail to emikeoyemade@gmail.com

Photo source:  asuperwomansguide

3 thoughts on “39 FACTS ABOUT COURTSHIP

  1. Wow. Its sure deeply insightful and instructive. I’ll ask you two questions and then, certainly share this page with my friends. Thanks.

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