delete-spam-commentsEarly in my writing career, I had a colleague who thought I was not a good writer. Even when we argue that I could improve with time, he always felt I should do something else than writing.

One day I wrote an article for a national Newspaper where I worked and it was not just published but I got feedback in my mail box from readers. I was the happiest. He overheard when my editor commended. I thought that would put to rest whether I could write well or not. One weekend, he deputized for the production editor who was ill and none of my story for published. I bought that paper just to read myself and saw none of my story. There was no need calling my editor as I was sure of what happened. I decided not to make a case with him.

I kept relating with him just because we were colleagues but I knew he had no good intentions for me or his proposed friendship. By the end of that year my bylines had increased to over ten. Then he started to become friendlier and talked less about my writings. I didn’t communicate with him again when I moved on to another paper.

A year later, I was about saving a new contact on my phone when I realized that I had exceeded that capacity and needed space. As I scrolled, unfortunately it was his contact that I deleted first amongst others. Not because I have come to ‘hate’ him but I didn’t want to have anything to do with someone who saw no good in what I do or who was always criticizing me.

Do you need to do some deleting? Are you hanging around people who do not see anything good in you or in what you do when you should be with those who will celebrate your uniqueness?

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2 thoughts on “Deleted!

  1. Short, Precise and Instructive.

    I love the push the critic gave you & how you still treaded on, leaving behind the odds, concentrating on developing the treasures he couldn’t see.

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