BLACK-COUPLE-FIGHTINGMAINTAIN A CLEAN FILE. Peju never makes the mistake of taking calls while with her husband, Deji. Her phone is mostly on silence which makes Deji suspicious of the calls she receives at certain time of the day. Mostly when they are together at home. He once tried to go through her phone but it had a password and Peju refused telling him her password. Deji had no evidence to prove that Peju was cheating on him but he believed so. Commit to honesty, openness, and authenticity. Give straight answers to questions that may create doubt in your partner’s mind. Lies and deception create a secret life that can even allow an affair to occur.

AVOID BAD COMPANY. Cindy’s three years in marriage was nothing but a verbal battle. She could not understand why Joe would not treat her the way Jerry treated his wife, Tammy. Cindy felt that Jerry treated Tammy like she was the only and most important thing in the world. He adored her and he openly displayed his love for her. Or even the way her younger sister is so queenly treated by her husband. She tried to focus on her husband’s good side while believing that he would become a better husband. Not long she started talking to Clara, one of her childhood friends who advised her to quit her marriage since no man is worth the ‘heartache’. Clara was married thrice and currently living single. The more Clara talked to Cindy about how unworthy men were, the more Cindy is tempted to believe she truely made a mistake marrying and putting up with Joe, men were not worth the stress!.

1Cor. 15:33 “…Bad company corrupts good morals”.

Avoid being influenced by friends, relative or others to make major conclusion about your marriage. Theirs may not be better. Sometimes they are even worse off! Never compare your marriage to another. Many things – pleasant and unpleasant happens behind closed doors, couples just choose not to talk about them. We all wear a smile always while we are working on it. Let no one talk you into committing marital infidelity, you may live the rest of your life regreting.

NO ONE IS PERFECT. Romans 3:10 ESV As it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one. Marriage is two imperfect beings helping each other in love to become better persons. Accept that you are both imperfect. Only God is perfect. This means that either of you has same tendency of falling victims of marital infidelity. This is the more reason you should try to forgive your spouse and render loving-help when they are struggling.

REMAIN SEXY. What really attracted your spouse to you when you just met? You have to work on keeping the flame burning. Being sexy is not just about sexual intercourse. It is in fact mostly about attraction. Work on your relationship. Keep your marriage sexy and work to be intimate with your spouse. Make delibrate effort to avoid whatever will come between you and your spouse – be it children, parents, other relatives or even friends and hobbies.

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 Photo source:peacebenwilliams

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