Tony had never being a fan of internet social groups until his boss told him they could use the groups to advertise their new product. Few months later, he fell in love with the social media especially FaceBook. He linked up with many old friends and relatives including his wife. One day, while he was surfing he decided to read past comments and post on his wife’s wall when he discovred that his wife status was single. Not married! He quickly summed it up to mean the reason she had more male friends than females and may have ulterior motive for leaving her status as ‘single’. “Something must be fishy” he thought. Make the relationship with your partner an important part of your identity. Always let people know that you are happily married or in a committed relationship. If you think twice or hesitate before answering a question of if you are married or not is an indication that something might be wrong with your relationship. Fix it.


Marriage can be a hardwork. We are not often told this truth during the long sermons on our wedding day. From my experience, marriage is hardwork! I do not believe good marriages are for weaklings. It takes a delibrate and consistent effort to keep a good marriage. Lots of sacrifice too. Have a mindset that your marriage MUST work. Do not be intimated or discouraged by the increasing number of broken homes or marriages that daily hit the rock. You are different! Make up your mind to make yours work and you will see it happen. Condition your mind to get ready to amicably resolve differences, forgive and love your spouse again when he/she errs. SPEND TIME TOGETHER. The more time you spend together, the less you are going to have time for someone else other than your spouse. The truth is, the person you spend most of your time with, you share better part of your life with. So irrespective of your busy schedule at work make time to spend with your spouse. Make your spouse your favorite recreational companion if possible. Do not make your spouse a housemate, baby making machine, a sex partner or even a house help. Spend time together, without children or friends, not just on weekends and holidays but during the week.


Keeping in touch is not intended to become a spy on your spouse or stalk them. Your spouse will know if and when you are lovingly keeping in touch or not. Call home every day when you travel and check on your spouse when at work during the day. We have the tendency to say it is not necessary since you saw your spouse that morning and will go back to them later. It can never be too much. Otherwise, you begin to have a separate life.

I will be available to pray with you and give you practical counseling if you desire. Send a mail to

 Photo source:peacebenwilliams

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