How To Know You Are Soul-Tied?

soultieA failed relationship comes with a terrible feeling especially if you thought the relationship was promising enough to lead to marriage. It failed, both of you have gone separate ways. Well, it has happened and you have to move on. That’s life. Some people find it easy moving on after a failed relationship, others don’t but the truth is, the earlier you are able to accept the reality that the relationship has no hope of working the better it is for you to move on. The inability to move on because you think you may never find anyone as good as your ex is a “soul-tie” and here are some signs of soul-tie

1. You still cry when you remember that partner.

2. You have an inability to focus on a new friendship that could lead to a relationship.

3. You keep checking his/her Facebook status to see if they are involved with someone else

4. You check his/her FB for their recent pix and to see who they are hanging out with.

5. You are struggling with the urge to return to him/her. You even attempted sending a text but decided against it.

6. You keep reading all his/her previous messages and hoping to get new ones for a reunion.

7. You prefer to run away or avoid any contact with him/her because you will lose concentration if he/she comes close.

8. You deleted him/her from your bbm only to wish you didn’t.

9. You believe that the relationship is your one and only true love. Especially if he/she is the first person you slept with. Call it first love!

10.  You look out for same qualities of your former partner in your new relationship. And making exact comparison.

11. You stopped having fun and enjoying life because you don’t want to do anything that will remind you of him or her

12. Keeping an item that belongs to him/her especially one that constantly reminds you of him/her.

13. You are in close friendship with his/her friends and you asking how they are doing.

14. You become terribly upset when he/she gets into a new relationship and you are hoping the new relationship will not work too.

LET IT GO! If it’s past, treat it as past. You can’t have a grip of the future still holding onto the past.

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