10 Reasons NOT to get Married

1. All your friends are getting married. It’s not competition let them marry.

2. Unplanned pregnancy. If you don’t love yourselves enough to get married a child may not change anything.

3. Your mother says so. Your parents thinks it’s the right time and you are not sure. It’s your life.

4. Your parent/pastor chooses a partner for you. Who’s going to life with him/her?

5. Sex. It’s not enough alone to hold together a long term commitment. Great sex, poor character is nothing.

6. To escape poverty. Being poor is a state of mind. You can be living in affluence yet with a poverty mentality.

7. Growing old. If you marry the wrong person because you are worried about your age, you will discover that being single is the best thing ever.

8. Blood oat/covenant. This is not a proof that your partner will remain faithful or that the marriage will work.

9. MONEY. Most people marry for money and their love dwindles as the money dwindles.

10. We attend same church. Great! But so what? Are all the marriages in your church successful.

Watch out for more reasons not to get married. Awaiting your comments and questions

Photo source: zawaj.com

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