AIDED! God Never Sends You Empty Handed

cartoon-boy-runningWhen God gives an instruction or sends on us an errand, He usually makes enough provision for the accomplishment of such errand. Unfortunately, most of the time we do not see those provisions and the hidden blessings that comes with obedience, especially when we become overwhelmed with the fear of carrying out that instruction. Our faith dwindles spurred by what our eyes can see and how our mind puts the logic together based on our human reasoning, and then we quickly begin to see the impossibility of doing what God may be asking us to do. We totally forget that God’s thought towards us are of good and not of evil! Jeremiah 21:9, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

God will never ask us to do anything if He has not made it possible for us to be able to do it. He equips us within and without, physical and spiritually and otherwise. He makes no mistake of giving you another person’s assignment. He never gives us a task that we cannot do. 1 Cor10: 13.
Maybe this is a good time to pause and think, ask yourself what has God asked you to do and you couldn’t or didn’t do because you thought there was not enough money, people to support you, no car for mobility, people are not going to believe you or whatever the excuse.

Let’s look at the book of Ezra 1:5 (The Message Bible), “The heads of the families of Judah and Benjamin, along with the priests and Levites—everyone, in fact, God prodded—set out to build The Temple of God in Jerusalem. Their neighbors rallied behind them enthusiastically with silver, gold, tools, pack animals, expensive gifts, and, over and above these, Freewill-Offerings”.
When God sent Cyrus the errand to rebuild His house, Cyrus took up the challenge immediately and inquired from the leaders who might be interested in rebuilding with him. You would notice that the moment he obeyed that instruction God aided him. Provisions started pouring in. He hadn’t even started building! God raised people who gave to them to see the work through. It meant that the provision had always been there but the manifestation was hinged on their obedience. What if they had not obeyed because they thought there were no provisions for the work? They would have missed out too on God blessings.

This brings to mind the experiences of Prophet Elijah when he was fed by the raven and the widow of Zarephat in 1Kings 17. He was a prophet of enviable relationship with God. Whenever God asked him to go anywhere he went, without bothering about the details. He always had the confidence that the one sending him was capable of seeing him through. This should be our attitude whenever God is asking us to do something. Obey before using logic to see how it would or wouldn’t work.

Benjamin a family friend and lover of God, about a year ago, he felt strongly that God was calling him into full time ministry but he didn’t know how to share it with his wife. He was already pastoring a fast growing church while keeping a full time job as a supervisor at a construction firm. His wife, Kate was a nurse and makes home-made bread for church members whenever there was demand. They had income enough to take care of their three young children, the church and gave educational sponsorship to two young men who assisted them at the church. Everything seemed perfect just the way she and Kate dreamed of. She was heart-broken when Ben eventually told her. She feared that the family was going to be challenged financially and they would live in lack. But she encouraged him to obey and she supported him. Of course they did lack and the former seeming affluence vanished but it was nothing to the peace they had and the blessings that followed afterwards.

Is God asking you to do something? Has he asked you to go on an errand for Him? What are you waiting for? What are your excuses? Take that first step of obedience and see God work wonders for you.


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