You Have Absolutely No Right To ‘Slaughter’ YOUR Pastor

BIBLEYou have absolutely no right to ‘slaughter’ YOUR pastor with your words in the congregation of your friends when:

1. You are not the One who called him neither were you there when he was called or was informed when he was called.

2. You have never prayed sincerely for him ON YOUR OWN even when you see things are not going well for him.

3. You are not in anyway contributing to the growth and development of the ministry neither are you helping members in anyway.

4. You have not been called by God or don’t understand what it means so you don’t know what if feels like being in the shoes of the called.

5. YOU ARE NOT BORN AGAIN or got saved yesterday and haven’t finish reading the book of John. God doesn’t called the perfect, He makes use of the available. You are not.

6. You don’t read your bible except on Sundays so you don’t even know that Jesus was also as human as YOUR pastor. And you don’t know what it means to prepare for not less than 3 message a week!

7. You think your pastor is super human and shouldn’t get some slacks for being ignorant yet you expect him to understand that you are struggling when it’s you.

8. You have never called or mail him JUST TO CHECK HOW HE IS DOING OR IF YOU CAN RENDER ANY ASSISTANCE. And you get offended he did not call you when he didn’t see you in church last Sunday.

9. You have never led anyone to Christ neither can you quote 10 simple scriptures correctly by heart.

10. You are not God to ‘judge’ him or his style of ministry. Let it be between him and the God he claims. Move on if you think you are in the wrong place or you think YOUR PASTOR IS FAKE. Better still, start yours and see what it feels like. Stop complaining!

May the peace of the Lord continue to abide with all the true servants of the Lord’s vine yard.

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