Overcoming Addiction To Masturbation

  1. Overcoming this habit is really up to you. No one can make you stop it if you do not want to. So, make up your mind and stop thinking about Masturbating.
  2. You are human and humans make mistakes.  You have been making a mistake if you have been masturbating. Are you willing to correct that mistake? Forgive yourself and bear in mind that you are more than all your mistakes
  3. Understand that you cannot do it on your own; without the help of God. Do you know how to pray? Sincerely ask Him to forgive you and tell Him that you need His help to stop. He will answer.
  4. If the temptation comes whenever you are naked, then avoid sleeping without your clothes on. Dress up as soon as you have your bath.
  5. Remove every sign of temptation that makes you mastubate e.g pornographic materials, sexy pictures from phone and internet.
  6. If you are usually tempted when bathing, spending less time in the bathing and do not prolong washing of your private area
  7. If the temptation comes when you are in bed, then do not stay in bed except you are ready to sleep
  8. Stop critically examining your private areas; especially after bath and when you are in front of the mirror.
  9. Stop being friends with the people or friends who may also be doing it or encouraging you to do it.

10. Discover your hobby or what you like doing. Do something fun and exicting, get creative, write, Sing, learn a skill, draw, paint, bake. DO SPORTS. FIND A NEW HOBBY. VOLUNTEER FOR SOMETHING, help someone

11. Is it loneliness, boredom or idleness? If you have the urge whenever you are alone, then stay around where family members can see you or stay with some good friends. You could also do something good with your spare time; read a good book, go help a friend out on something, learn something new, clean the kitchen. Do anthing good that will take your mind off it.

12. Be PERSISTENT, DISCIPLINED and PATIENT. Stopping masturbation will not happen immediately. Its a battle you must be determine to win. You must include deliberate efforts like checking on how well you are doing. Be excited if you can go on without masturbating for 2 weeks or a month, reward yourself if you can.

13. Know when to seek help. If you have done all you can and not working. If you have put into practise all the suggestions above and still find yourself doing it, then you need to seek professional help. You could talk to your parents/guardian/trusted older friend or sibling/ professional counselor.

Culled from my book AVOIDING AND OVERCOMING MASTURBATION ADDICTION for pre-teens and young adults


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