Common Questions And Answers on Masturbation*

  • I stopped masturbating last year but I have gone back to it because I cannot stop thinking about it. What do I do?

You have already answered your question. You went back to masturbating because you keep thinking about it. Once you have quit, you have to win the ‘mind-battle’ by consciously not thinking about it. If you find yourself thinking about it when you are alone, idle, or taking your bath, please read up all the points on How To Overcome Addiction To Masturbation

  •  Each time I watch porn, I will be masturbate. I have tried to stop watching porns but my friends always have new and interesting porns to show me.

Pornography – videos and magazines are huge temptation for masturbation. One way to overcome addiction to pornography is to stop watching it and you cannot do this if you still keep friends that are also addicted to it. They also need help. You can also let them know you have decided on a new path; to stop watching porm. They may make fun of you but it will only be for a while, then they will respect your decision. If they understand that you are truly not interested, they will stop talking to you about it.

  • I do not touch my gentials but I sometimes wake up with semen in my pant. Did I have sex in the dream?

Sometimes it could be a wetdream; An erotic (to give sexual pleasure) dream (usually at night) accompanied by the emission of semen. This happens when you fantasized about a girl before you slept off. When you keep fantasizing you can get aroused and tempted even without touching yourself. Remove immoral thougths from your mind and replace them with clean ones.

  • My sister is 14 and I am 12. She masturbates and tells me it is fun. She has encouraged me to do it too but I am scared of loosing my virginity.

Masturbation is not a good habit and both of you are too young to even understand what sexual activity is fun. I will suggest that you do not listen to your sister and let her know that you will report to your parents if she does not stop. There are better things both of you coul duse your time to do than sexual explorations. Preserve your virginity for the right one and when the time is right.

These are some questions from sessions with teenagers and younger adults. Responses have been abbreviated. Culled from my book AVOIDING AND OVERCOMING MASTURBATION ADDICTION.

Inbox me if you have questions or would like to talk about how to break free.

4 thoughts on “Common Questions And Answers on Masturbation*

  1. Hi, can you help someone who’s addicted to maturation?

  2. Praise Jesus for your advocacy 🙂

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