How Hard Can Being a Pregnant Teenager Be : A First-Hand Story from Someone Who Got Knocked Up at 18

The Beauty of Randomkness

Let me tell you a first-hand story from my life more than a decade ago and hopefully, some young gals out there might learn something out of it. I may be a tough-chick now, but to get to this point, I went into several excruciating pains, literally and theoretically, brought by the “naive, sweet and soft” version of the old me when I was younger, so here’s how the story went.

I was 18, had several boyfriends, enough to make me happy and categorize myself amongst the “normal” teen girls but not that much to be categorized as “slut”. Several relationships, several boyfriends equals several heartaches. Until I told myself, “Screw relationships” where you need to pretend that you enjoy each others’ company while your interests are totally too different apart. So, I came with this totally ingenious and stupid  idea of getting into a relationship with a close friend. And yeah…

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