20 Reasons You May Need To Reconsider Your Relationship As You Step Into The NEW YEAR

  1. If your partner is not earning and doesn’t want to earn. Money is a big issue. Take it seriously. Love will turn sour ???????????????????????when the two of you are broke.
  2. If your partner is a liar, a cheat or a pretender; life is too short to accommodate living a false life. You deserve better
  3. If your partner is not committed. Commitment is a sign that both of you are heading same way. Don’t just HANG; you deserve to be the MAIN person.
  4. A partner who is not supportive. A supportive partner is enough encouragement to achieve your dreams and aspiration.
  5. If you don’t trust each other. Love hinges on trust and you can’t have a beautiful relationship without either.
  6. A partner who has no vision or a plan for the future. Your relation-SHIP has to be going somewhere. You can’t be in a SHIP going nowhere.
  7. If your partner believes you must be pregnant before you can get married. A child does not ‘cement’ marriage. Adults do. Having a baby is no guarantee for commitment.
  8. If your partner keeps addressing you by your past mistakes and referring to your faults even after your apology. It will be difficult to see anything good in you.
  9. If your partner is abusive; not just hitting but also in words. DON’T STAY, QUIT! You can never know love with an abusive partner
  10. If your partner is desperate to get money or get married. Once there’s desperation a person can do anything even at their own detriment and the happiness of the other.
  11. If your partner takes delight in hurting you because they like it when you are the victim always apologizing and begging! Are you sure you want to go on?
  12. If your partner emotional tortures you; deliberately ignores you or make you jealous whether to teach you a lesson or for whatever reason. Except you have a plastic heart.
  13. If your partner is hurting from a past relationship and hurting you as a result. You don’t deserve to pay for an offence that has nothing to do with you
  14. If your partner is in love with THAT thing between your thigh and not your heart. Sex is not the main thing in a relationship; it’s already on sale on the streets. There should be something special about yours.
  15. If your partner has no regard for his/her parents, yours will not be treated specially. I doubt if you will respected too.
  16. If you both cannot amicably resolve issues; that’s a communication problem and communication is the life wire of a beautiful relationship. You don’t run away, ignore or pass blames when there are issues; YOU TALK.
  17. If your partner is obsess with you. If this happens you will never be free to be YOU. You will be stalked, monitored and possessed. It will be bondage!
  18. If your partner is still ‘just being friends’ with his/her Ex when you FEEL there could be more. Believe your instinct more.
  19. If your partner compares you to someone they think is better than you in some way. Leave him/her to that person and stop doing everything to make him/her stay.
  20. If your partner has no relationship with God and sees no need to. If he/she has no commitment to God, don’t get involve. He/she doesn’t know yet what love means.


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