New Year, New Better You! 11 Simple Tweaks To Get The Best Out Of 2015


Many believe in New year resolution – a new way of doing things with an expectation to achieve more. There would really be no need for a “new year resolution” if we have the habit to win or succeed in whatever we do. At most make new year goals. As we begin the year, we need to take a look again at 2014, a really critical look and access how we fared. Even if we thought we did well, you find out that we would have still done better. However, whether you are doing well or not, as we progressed into the new year I have compiled 11 questions that can positively shape your life in 2015. Answer them sincerely to yourself and advise yourself where you need to buckle up.

1.     Do You Show up for appointment?

Some people are just not good at keeping appointments. They either do not show up or when they do, they are late. When you do this, you will not be taken seriously no matter how gifted you are. If you agreed to an appointment, do all you can to keep it up and if you must cancel do so with enough prior notice. It convinces people that you are responsible enough to put them into consideration. If you will be late, call to say you will be late and state whatever is making you run late. For instance, when you make a call for being late say, “I am sorry , I will be 30 minutes late, I had a flat tyre”, instead of not calling at all or calling to saying,  “Sorry, I will be late.” With that kind of excuse some people may think you are deliberately avoiding the appointment or taking them for granted.

2.     Do you keep to your words?

SayWhatYouMean_HeaderWhen you say something, can someone actually believe you and take your words for it. Or does one need to double check before your word can be taking seriously? This will not take you anywhere. Intergrity demands ‘let your word be your bond’. Someone who cannot keep to their word cannot be trusted

3.     What are you holding on to?

hold_on_tightThere has to be something that keeps you going. What’s your hope? What do you wake up each day and looking forward to pursuing? You cannot be living daily with no pursuit, if you do so your life will amount to nothing. There must be that one thing that if everything else fails, it will keep you going or motivate you to go on.

4.     What can you live or die for?

WhatAreYouPassionate_KindOverMatter_editedWhat are you passionate about? What is it that you must see come to reality. Such that if it doesn’t happen, you do not think life is worth living. My passion is to reach young people with the message of hope on sexual abuse, rape, porn, homosexual, addiciton and suicide. Everyday I wake up with this consciousness and most times deliberately seeking ways I can see this purpose achieve. Don’t let life pass you by, make it worth living.

5.     Where is your place of power/authority/inspiration?

Inspiration-After-Open-Heart-Surgery2My inspiration is God. I believe strongly in the power of meditation. I love solitary, especially when reading the Bible. Therein lies my inspiration. Therein lies my power and motivation. I also take my prayer time very seriously. What about you? Where is your source of strenght and inspiration from? The world is full with too many competition in every facet of life and in order for you to stay relevant you have to constantly be at the top of your game. Once you discover that Source, stay hooked.

6.     Who are you when no one is there?

You can deceive every one but yourself. I like to quote it as thus, “you can deceive everyone but yourself, God and the devil.” Many people pretend to be who they are not just to be amongst the ‘happening people’, they tend to prefer other people’s lives to theirs. Whereas there are still others who are very kind and helpful to other people except their family members. Just so people will speak good about them. A doubled standard person will not amount to much.

7.     Are you taking responsibility for your life?

5632Are you creating the life you really want or are you just hoping it will work out? Are you in the habit of blaming people for your failures, disappointments and pains? When some people are denied certain contracts of employement opportunity as a result of inadequate educational qualfication, they blame their parents! They conclude it’s their parents fault for not sending them to the university. As true as that may seem, its your life NOW! Not your parents’. Take charge of it. Are you still believing ‘What’s gonna be, gonna be’? Nothing is going to be if you don’t make it work.

 8.     What small steady activities can you do today, that over a long period of time can lead to big long term results?

j0439558Brushing your teeth daily is a small exercise that we may never be able to appreciate the huge importance except we stop doing it for some time. Try not brushing for two or three days. Besides the stench from your mouth, there will be bleeding gums. Small activity, huge import. Now take a look at yourself and your goals for the year and write down those small steps you want to take daily, weekly. I want to author 5 books  and 1,000 articles on various topics this year, and I have started working on them, so I discipline myself to write daily.

 9.     What do you need to stop doing or disconnect from that can make a major difference in your future?

300px-Stop_hand_caution.svg_For some people it will be friends. People can be a huge distraction especially those who do not share or respect our vision or what we believe in. You may not need to totally stop being their friends but redefining the friendship will help.  For others it could be a habit, addiction to television or food. Some people can engage in mere talk, gisting, just chatting at the expense of more important things to do.

Impatience10.             Would You Describe Yourself As A Person Of Patience? Or do you easily lose it with people? What things really make you lose your patience? PATIENCE is a virtue. A hasty person can miss out important details and could be rash in decision making. An impatient person does not wait to hear or know the end of the matter before making conclusion or taking sides. Most impatient people end up regretting some of their words or action. What can you do to change that?

 11.            Are you having fun in your relationships?

If your answer is NO, what can you do to cultivate more fun?

I am not just refering to intimate relationships but everyone in your life that you share your time with. Life is too short for you to allow people rub their hurts and disappointments on you. If you cannot change the atmosphere of your relationship to a fun/happy one then quit it.

Happy New Year!


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