Avoiding Sexual Abuse


  1. Always dress properly, do not wear clothes that would expose parts (especially private areas) of your body.
  2. Do not walk alone at night especially at lonely streets, or dark areas; where there is no light.
  3. Do not undress in the presence of people, especially in presence of the opposite sex.
  4. Do not show your underwear to your friends while putting it on so they can admire it.
  5. Do not undress for anyone to see your body.
  6. Do not hold hands or hug anyone you are not comfortable with even if it is a family member. If someone forces you to hug them, run away the next time you see them. Better still, tell your parents/guardian
  7. Do not take a bath with anyone or allow anyone bath with you. Do not also allow anyone watch you have your bath.
  8. Do not walk around your hostel/compound/house without clothes on especially with people around.
  9. A girl should not go and visit a group of boys ALONE. She should also not visit a boy in a house where no family member is around.
  10. Always let your parents/guardians know your friends, and tell them whenever you are going to visit them.
  11. Do not let anyone touch your private areas (genitals and breast) or allow them kiss you.
  12. Run away as soon as you notice someone is trying to force themselves on you and MAKE SURE YOU TELL SOMEONE.
  13. If an adult tells you to look at them while they are undressing/bathing, run away and tell your parents/guardian.
  14. Girls should not sit on a man’s laps and should run away if the uncle insist that you sit on them. Boys should not allow any aunty to touch their private area and should run away if the aunty tells you to touch her.
  15. If someone is pressurising (forces) you to have sex with them, do not keep quiet. TELL!
  16. Do not accompany an adult into the bathroom and do not accept invitations to help scrub an adult’s back while bathing.
  17. Girls should learn to sit properly and ensure not to carelessly spread out their legs when sitting. Boys should also pull up their trousers. Sagging is irresponsible.
  18. Do not sleep without your clothes on if you share a room with someone/people and if you must sleep without your clothes on, lock the door or else wear a nice pyjamas or other sleep clothes.
  19. You MUST also speak, even if the abuser is related to you or lives in your house.


Culled from my book AVOIDING AND OVERCOMING SEXUAL ABUSE FOR YOUNG ADULTS. Available on Amazon for free download


3 thoughts on “Avoiding Sexual Abuse

  1. This is ridiculous. Why are you preaching about teaching girls? Why isnt there any rules for Boys?

    • Hi Nikki. It isn’t just rules for girls…it’s for males and females. I have been privilege to counsel abused girls just as i have also spoken to abused boys too. However there are some conditions that a girl is more prune to sexual fro instance, in gang rape, you wouldn’t find a girl ganging with her friends to rape a boy but it’s common with girls being ganged up against. A guy is moved by what he sees…but not many girls are easily carried away by the attractive biceps of a guy

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