Guys are hunters, babes are games. Once a guy purposes to catch a game he hardly gives up until the game is securely in his grip. Naturally, ladies like to be chased and she enjoys the ‘playing-hard-to-get’ game. This is not bad; makes the whole hunting process fun but there comes a time when the hunter knows that the game is not worth chasing; that time when he needs to retrieve to see if he’s possibly missing out on other games while he is busy chasing one he may never get. So here are my personal put-together signs to let you know that she may not be a worthy game. Take your chase somewhere else.

  1. When you say I miss you, she says, “thank you” when you are expecting to hear, “I miss you too.”
  2. When it’s your birthday she’s is only reminded when she logs on to facebook and writes, “Happy birthday to a guy with a good heart”.
  3. When you say, “I love you”, she goes, “awwwww…that’s such a sweet thing to say”, when you thought she should have said, “I love you too.”
  4. When you ask, “Who’s that guy I saw you with?” She says, “Oh he’s a very good friend, I have known him a long time.” Hoping you will get the message.
  5. When you say, “Can we spend some time together this weekend?” She goes, “I am really busy, but I will let you know”.
  6. If she accidentally meets you at an occasion she introduces you as a ‘good friend’ just like she introduced others to you.
  7. When you surprise her with an expensive necklace gift, she expresses ‘delightful shock’ and says, “You really shouldn’t have bothered.” She never wore it for you to see.
  8. She doesn’t call you or return your missed calls; you are always calling and checking on her. She is excited that you are always calling yet has never makes an effort.
  9. You can’t understand why she keeps saying she is busy to chat with you when her icon is active all day and you are monitoring how she changes her status and display pictures (dp).
  10. You send her a message that reads, “You mean the world to me,” she replies, “don’t you think we are too much in a hurry. We should start by being friends.”
  11. You are ill and called her expecting to see her instead she sends you a text that reads, “Get well buddy, I may stop by your house if I get off work early.”
  12. You had your first real date and she was only excited talking about her ex and the memories she shares of him. You are confuse whether she is deliberately making you jealous or wants you to be like him.
  13. She invites you for all her church events except the one taking place at her home or office. And you still don’t get the message?
  14. You try to give her a ‘bear-hug’ she returns it with a ‘monkey-hug’ (side-hug). You won’t even dare think of giving her a kiss because you have never been that close.
  15. You share your vision of owning a fashion business with her, she tells you how she has always dreamt of being a pastor’s wife and working in the church.

Waste no time, if you work so hard to convince her to date you, it’s going to be difficult for her to remain faithful to you. Being in a relationship has to come from the heart and not because you are forcing someone to do so.


Remember: The duller the ax the harder the work; Use your head: The more brains, the less muscle. Ecclesiastes 10:10.

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