1. Living with a man who she is not wedded or properly married to. Co-habitation is different from living together as husband and wife in a HOME. Don’t make yourself cheap. Don’t move in before you do what is right.
  2. Knowing he is married with kids yet she accepts to be a second wife. Are guys that scarce? There are better options of young single, handsome,god-fearing men for better option. Think big. Think smart. Think about you and him, a third party is a crowd.
  3. Wearing an engagement ring of a man who doesn’t even know your parents or house. It is true the marriage is between a man and his woman but family is important too. Don’t waste your time and miss a family blessing.
  4. Using your boyfriend’s picture as your profile picture on Facebook and other social media status, thus blocking serious and potential suitors.-Hey, you have missed it all. A boyfriend is NOT a husband!
  5. Giving your body to a man who has not paid your bride-price.-You have lost your dignity in life. Sex will not make him love you more. If he wants your body let him get it the proper way.
  6. Cooking, cleaning his house and washing clothes for your boyfriend. This can be the biggest mistake of your life. You are not wife yet, so what are you for doing these? House chores will not convince him that you are a potential wife if his heart is not with you.
  7. Disobeying your parents for the sake of a man you are dating. A curse follows, so don’t do it. That’s the bible; “Honor your father and mother so that IT MAY BE WELL WITH YOU AND YOUR DAYS MAYBE LONG ON EARTH. You can have as many men you want but you can’t have many parents! Don’t do what you will regret when you become a parent too.
  8. Giving sex to a man simply because he promised to marry you. There is a huge difference between “I will marry you ” &” I have married you.” Don’t make that thing between your thighs a souvenir; it’s a beautiful gift for marriage.
  9. Sending your unclad pictures to your boyfriend. SHAME! How can anyone even think of doing this? For what reason? How does unclad picture encourage a healthy-long-term beautiful relationship?
  10. A boyfriend beats you and you still say you cannot do without him? Hmmn! This is a deliverance case (because you are heading for the grave). You will become his punching bag. No woman deserves to remain with a man who beats her.
  11. Fast and praying for a relationship you know you should break away from. God is not your errand boy; He won’t grant your prayers. And stop holding onto a bad relationship God is delivering you from.
  12. A man cheats on you and you say you can never quit the relationship because you are deeply in love with him. You need prayers -And a very hot factory reset slap. GET WISE! You deserve the best in your relationship.
  13. Having a baby for a man in a relationship you are not even sure of but hoping your baby would make him commit to you. Babies are human not toys! You make careful and calculative plans for them!
  14. Taking a fight to another woman you suspect your man maybe cheating with. Grow up! If he’s really yours you won’t have to fight for him. And if you fight to keep him you will lose him, before then your relationship will be miserable.
  15. Sleeping with another man for money to fund your ‘real’ boyfriend. He may not know what you are doing for him but you call it love. It’s not love! Your body is not a money making machine. It belongs to God, make deliberate effort to keep and treat it as God’s property.



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