16 Signs That You May Still Be Hurting From Sexual Abuse*

There are certain issues an adult might exhibit if he/she has was abused as a child and yet to open the door for healingopen-door-emike-bini-1000x625

  1. Uses drugs and alcohol to suppress the hurts and memory. It’s only temporal and the effect of drugs, alcohol mix with psychological trauma is more damaging.
  2. Low self-esteem; the belief that everyone else is better or the acceptance that they do not deserve anything good.
  3. There is tendency to be in an abusive relationship. An abused person is often in search of love because they believe that if they feel loved it would take care of the past experience. Most of the time they end of in the wrong relationship not even knowing what to look out for in an ideal partner.
  4. Hatred for the opposite sex
  5. Lack of trust for anyone especially for the opposite sex
  6. Self-hatred; a victim never sees anything good in themselves nor think they deserve anything good. They just exist with no intention to becoming anything good in life.
  7. Suicidal signal. Some prefer to die than live with the thought that the person who hurt them is still alive and perhaps happier than them.
  8. Multiple-abused-victim. Females especially, who were abused as children if she did not get help when it happened, it is likely to happen again even in adulthood.
  9. Victims are often sad and not interested in making any meaningful head way out of life.
  10. Distorted orientation about sex and love. Which may bring about sexual and intimacy issues in marriage
  11. Overweight dues to excessive eating to cover up for the hurts
  12. Being angry unnecessarily. Usually this is transfer of anger; anger that is meant for the abuser is transferred to any slightest offense.
  13. Guilt and blame. A victim not only feels guilty for what happened but looks for ways to ‘rope’ other people into it and believes if they had played their part better things would have been different.
  14. Mood-swings. A victim maybe happy and excited one minute and sad the next; maybe friendly today and hostile the next; has very unbalanced emotions.
  15. Inability to give or receive the best in a romantic relationship. This also result into being unable to teach their children how to avoid or handle sexual abuse
  16. Victim-to-Abuser. There’s likelihood for someone who was abused to do same, take sexual advantage of younger people too.


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