For Single Ladies. That Frog is Not A Prince.

Praise George is someone who writing I respect. As a writer, i am inspired by his passion for passing his message across through writing. I met him a few times, and he exudes that same passion even in his speech. This will bless you.

Praise George

For Single Ladies. That Frog is Not A Prince.

1. A frog is a man who is totally unsuitable for you. He is a man of bad character.

2. Women who like frogs are RESCUERS. A rescuer is a woman who wants to ‘help’ men who have character issues or who are ‘down on their luck’. The problem with rescuing a frog is that, first, it will not turn into a prince and second, it wants a female frog for a wife.

3. Kissing or trying to develop a relationship with a frog will not magically transform it into a prince.

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