How To Make Your Husband Your Best Friend…

Black-couple-in-bed-II-620x4221. When he gets naughty and acts like a child,  LOVE HIM AND BE PATIENT WITH HIM as you would do to your son don’t push him away or give the impression that he’s childish.
2. When his decisions and actions are irrational give your SUPPORT FIRST BEFORE SAYING YOUR OPINION. He hates contest especially with his wife
3. NEVER correct or scold him in public.  If you must, use coded language. Even if you think he’s weak,  HE’S STILL YOUR MAN, respect that.
4. NEVER judge or remind him of his faults or mistakes. A man easily withdraws when you get judgemental of even his faults. Let him trust you the way he is.
5. Spoil him with praises and compliments. Don’t be afraid to change the size of his head with encouragement.  Men thrive on this.
6. Don’t get irritated by his stinky shoes in the sitting room. What do you to do your son who leaves his football shoes in the kitchen? Do same…or take it for him. It doesn’t take much.
7. When he says “I don’t want to talk about it,” leave him and go watch a movie.  When you pressure a man to tell you something he gets even angrier and make you the object of his anger.
8. Give him “overdosed” bedroom satisfaction beyond his imagination.  Leave him defeated. He will respect you in that area.
9. Ask him about work and store in your brain the names he mentions at work.  Men like work just the way they like sex. Oh I forgot! Don’t join his football team,  they like someone they can argue football with.
10. Pray for him, to his hearing especially the part of the prayer that says God will give him huge contracts and money he has never touched…
So seriously babe…this is YOUR HUSBAND, it’s both a tragedy and error for someone else to be his best friend.  So just do it!

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