If I unleash my romantic venom

You will be swept away

Like being driven by an hurricane

It would me hurricane-Me

There would be nothing left standing

Just me

I would be the LAST MAN standing

You wouldn’t even be standing

You will be where you belong

My arms!

You won’t talk or cry

I would seal your lips with warm loving kisses

The only sounds would be

Moans of pleasure, ecstasy

Uncontrolled whimper of love

It would be like never seen

Never heard

Not like a theater piece

It would be two hearts colliding at the

Centre of the universe

It would be history

Written by two distance lovers

It would be US

It would be…

Epic scene of radical love

The gods would be amazed

Never in history have two hearts

Collided with such effects

No technological code writes this

No engineer designs this

No script writer writes this

It would simply be US,

You, Me

One day

One cave

One heart

Two lovers

Two acts

Two sounds

Open arms

Sealed lips

Warm hearts

Moans ringing through desert morning

Pure whimpers of a satisfied lover

Clattering knees overcome by sheer force of pleasure

The birds are silent

The mountains calm

The sea stops to rage

Never before have there being such passion between two lovers

It’s the beginning of a hurricane of love

Who can stop them

Who can cease the flow

Many waters cannot quench love

Let the hurricane be

Blow hurricane, blow

Show the full strength of your love

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