15 Signs That YOU Are The Problem In Your Relationship


You Never Accept When You Are Wrong.

Some people believe they can NEVER be wrong even what they are, they will never accept and it doesn’t matter who is going to be hurt by their belief of always being right. You are not perfect just as your partner is not.

It Takes You More Than A Day To Apologize

Those three words “I am sorry” will make a huge difference in your relationship when needed. Once you are wrong don’t wait to give excuses or explanation or why you think you are a ‘little right’. When you put forth an apology first you calm the nerves of your partner and calms down the intensity of the offence.

It’s Difficult For You To Accept Apologies

An apology is more than just saying sorry, it is more of asking for forgiveness. You could say sorry and walk away hoping that your partner is appeased, but that is not the case here, you are actually supposed to KNOW and be assured that you are forgiven of your faults. It takes a lot to genuinely apologize and when your partner does especially for something done unknowingly you should accept and reassure him or her that they are forgiven. The truth is, the table could be turned and you would be the one in need of forgiveness.

You Have The Habit Of Referring To Past Mistakes And Offences



Once a misunderstanding is amicably settled and done with, don’t refer to it no matter how upset you are. It shows that you really didn’t forgive the first time. The best way to see this is if you put yourself in your partner’s shoes and your partner keeps referring to your wrongs even after they say you are forgiven.

You Compare Your Partner To Someone You Believe Is A Better Standard

Everyone is unique in their own way and uniqueness in relationships should be appreciated. If you were in a relationship you think was great, but couldn’t progressed into a committed long term relationship as you wanted it would be unfair to bring that same expectations to your new relationship. These are two different people and should be treated as such. Comparing your partner to someone else you think is better can destroy trust and distract you from make valuable contributions that could strengthen the relationship.

You Are Hardly Satisfied With Sacrifices Made For You

It takes a lot to make sacrifices, this means that your partner has to give up certain things just to make you happy and have reasons to remain in the relationship. Making sacrifices are not fun, sometimes a partner is even inconvenienced just to ensure the satisfaction of the other. If you do not recognized and appreciate those little sacrifices being made for you, you may not last a long time in a good relationship

It’s Too Much To Go Out Of Your Way To Do Something For Your Partner

One sided relationship! You can’t be expecting your partner to make sacrifices for you when you won’t do same. You will lose a good potential spouse. Sacrifices in relationship is reciprocal, it is never too much to do anything for the one you claim to love and probably want to spend the rest of your life with.

You Think Your Partner’s World Should Revolve Around You

Are you that kind of person that believes that everything about your partner should be about you, his or her friends must be approved by you. Your partner can no longer make good decisions if you are not involved. If you give the impression that you are manipulative, your partner is going to feel caged and probably regret the relationship.

You Don’t Know How To Stop Naggingcouple8

Nagging is not just annoying, it is irritating and it is not just a woman’s problem as it is commonly believed. It is repeatedly talking about something you should keep quiet about. If you are in the habit of PESTERING your partner to say something when he or she says, “I don’t want to talk about it now”, you are going to make him or her not talk about it at all. Don’t nag about issues you have concluded about.

You Are ALWAYS Right

As humans we make mistakes because we are not perfect beings. No matter how good and cautious you are there would be times when you would be wrong; your ideas or your actions. Accepting that you are wrong when you are and making apology is a sign that you are mature to handle a long term relationship.

You Like To Win In The Argument

Healthy arguments are allowed in a relationship because it strengthens your bonds and helps you understand each other better. Nobody wins; instead each partner is allowed to speak their opinion while the other listens. If you always want to win the argument, you will bore your partner and give the impression that you are impossible.

Mood Swings And Silent Treatments Are Your Weapons

I call these deadly weapons because when one gives the silent treatment, you can never tell what is going on in their mind or why you are being punished with mood swings especially if you have apologized. If something bothers you, talk about it and deal with it instead of giving an attitude, you are going to push your partner away and make him or her avoid you whenever you are in that foul mood.

You Have Expectations That Your Partner Cannot Meet Naturally, partners have demands and expectations to be met. Sometimes without being told, at other times it would be demanded for. It is only reasonable to make your expectations within and around what your partner can afford or give. Well, except there’s someone you think meets your expectation better. Exist, instead of putting someone through emotional torture.

You Are Judgmental And Vengefulcouple9

So the only way you know how to ‘help’ your partner become better is if you criticize him or her, and you called it “positive criticism”! well, how about if you try to find out how your partner receives your positive criticism. That is being judgmental and in most cases it is received as condemnatory. Or your partner does something to offend you and you pay back in same coin; offend him or her and maybe more.

You Don’t Think Your Relationship Needs As Much Prayers And Spiritual Investment As A Marriage

Marriage is not a destination; get this NOW before you make that commitment so you don’t think you are saving the prayers till you are married. Now that you are courting is a time to grow in your relationship with God and establish spiritual foundation for your marriage.


3 thoughts on “15 Signs That YOU Are The Problem In Your Relationship

  1. I for sure have done a couple of these things myself. It’s hard and I know after I do it that I need to stop. Thanks for the reminder 🙂


    • Way to go! You have taken the first huge step – knowing that you are ‘guilty’ in some areas! You have also taken the second step wanting to make adjustments and actually taking action! Kudos! Just keep trying and improving.

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