Is It Love?

lovers 2
T’is ocean rushing
From beneath the bowels of my loins

Deep down
T’is rivers roaring
With the fury of turbulent waves

Fast furious race
T’is a feeling of speed

That can’t be explained
Tis a kind of wind
Blowing over the imagery visions
Of my scaly eyes

I see
Is it love?
Smelling fresh like dew in winter
Like rains in December

Is it love?
Sweeping wide open my Heart

Flooding my mind with untamed passion
Is it love?
Feelings of a toddler
The arms of an infant cuddled in her mum
The warmth of her touch so protecting
The satisfaction of her breast so fulfilling
Love, love, love,

tis is love
Nothing can go wrong now
The tides must give way to tis new dawn
The quaking grounds must be still
They must give way now
Love must win!
This can’t end
Everything must come after it
Everything must work for it
Love must win!
Will fight for it
With arrows and swords
Love must win!

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