Walking on Fire?

Maxwell Ogaga

FIREWith so many sex scandals rocking the world from Bishops to pastors, C.E.Os to politicians. Biblical wisdom is still speaking “Can a man take fire in his bosom and not be burnt?”Through adultery a man is reduce to a crust of bread”

Today the news of all kind of sexual anomalies has filled the airwaves. What used to be one time news has become regular news.

Many cannot trust preacher men with their wives anymore and the more serious case with their boys. Politicians are not left out; Chief Executive Officers of International firms are not missing from the number.

Many times, we think we are wiser than God or smarter maybe. Various times in scriptures God warns against sexual sins of all kind and yet we go ahead with what we think is right.

Pastors have lost their congregations, honour and integrity in one split second.

Politicians have lost…

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