Take a pen and sheet and answer YES or NO to these questions to find out. Ensure to understand the question before you answer.

  1. Do you believe God expects you to put others before yourself?
  2. Do you believe you shouldn’t be angry or depressed?
  3. Do you believe that biblical submission means a wife cannot tell her husband no?
  4. Do you believe that true Christian love means that it is wrong to allow someone to suffer for their choices when you have the ability to keep them from suffering?
  5. Do you believe the difficulties in your relationship are because God is punishing you for your poor relationship choices?
  6. Do you believe it is selfish to take care of yourself?
  7. Do you believe God doesn’t care if you are happy or enjoy your life?
  8. Do you believe feeling guilty means that you have done something wrong?
  9. Do you believe your worth is measured by what you do for God and others?
  10. Do you believe it is wrong for you to separate from or cut off a relationship with a destructive family member, spouse, or friend?
  11. Do you believe that in order to forgive you have to forget what happened?
  12. Do you believe Christians should give up their rights in relationships?
  13. Do you believe a wife or husband should put their spouse’s demands and desires before what is in the best interest of their children?
  14. Do you believe that it is your responsibility to confront in a way that does not cause the person to be upset, hurt, or angry?
  15. Do you believe you should tolerate mistreatment in relationships as part of your suffering for Christ and that you will be rewarded for it?

If you answered YES to two or more questions, you are a victim of Toxic Christian Relationship Beliefs.

Mildly Victimized 2-5

Moderately Victimized 5-10

Extremely Victimized 10-15

(Adapted from changemyrelationship)

Email for prayers and counseling. You can also email questions and testimonies.


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