Hi, my name is Emike Oyemade. I am a God lover. And I love to make Him happy. I wake up each day with that same consciousness. I live my everyday life to please Him. Well, what is the essence of life anyway if not to please Him.

I don’t debate whether God exist or not. I KNOW for SURE that He lives. I have experienced Him. I hear Him. I see Him everywhere in everything.

I know that there are times when situation makes me wonder if God is silent on me like when I lost my innocent young sister to a stray bullet. As hurting as that experience was for my family and I, I still never have doubts about His love for me and for us. The truth I know is that we may never get all our questions about God answered until we get to heaven. And I am looking forward to.

I love to write and I could write just about anything but that is not what inspired my writing a blog. The purpose of my blog is to share inspiration as God gives me about life and relationships especially.

God cares about every detail of our life, who we hang out with, who we date and who we eventually marry. These are decisions He doesn’t want us to take lightly because they can ultimately affect how we relate with Him. If you are a God-lover and you are seeking a Godly relationship, He’s going to help you with that decision as long as you invite Him in.

One of the things I learnt about God and marital relationships is, you may feel that God is leading you at the beginning and somewhere in the middle, the other person doesn’t want you. Does this mean that you didn’t hear God in the first place? This reminds me of a relationship I had during my second year in the university, we had been seeing for about a year then he proposed and I accepted. Both of us were convinced we were led by God. Weeks later he came saying he didn’t feel we were compatible! I was heartbroken. I cried until I got myself sick! But then you can never force anyone to love you or be in a relationship with you if they don’t want to.

20141116_204343I share my hurts, pains, travails, victories and divine inspirations with the hope that my readers would learn something useful from me. When I have the time and when the invitation comes I speak in events and ‘preach’ in religious gathering. Remember I said I love God? I love to talk about Him too.

I have also delved into Christian counseling. Ok, so I have been counseling for years just out of passion and making God happy that He could use me to revive a soul but I have now taking it further…I am getting CERTIFIED! Yippee! This means a lot to me! Well…it’s a pastoral school and it’s a good school. Maybe I would become a pastor someday too. As the Lord leads. I will keep you posted on this. So we can celebrate together.

I am also passionate about talking to and praying with abused people and really get excited walking the recovery journey with them. Maybe because I too was a victim so I understand perfectly how it feels to be who you don’t want to be. So most of my books are about sexual abuse and rape. And addiction. You may not find them online because I have mostly given them out for free. When I get to start selling…you will be posted on that too.

I almost forgot to add…my husband is the second most amazing thing that happened to me after I gave my life to Christ. He’s simply awesome!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.






  1. Good morning Emike Oyemade. I saw your interview about being aghast writer and I would like to ask you some more questions about it if that’s possible.

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