Walking on Fire?

Maxwell Ogaga

FIREWith so many sex scandals rocking the world from Bishops to pastors, C.E.Os to politicians. Biblical wisdom is still speaking “Can a man take fire in his bosom and not be burnt?”Through adultery a man is reduce to a crust of bread”

Today the news of all kind of sexual anomalies has filled the airwaves. What used to be one time news has become regular news.

Many cannot trust preacher men with their wives anymore and the more serious case with their boys. Politicians are not left out; Chief Executive Officers of International firms are not missing from the number.

Many times, we think we are wiser than God or smarter maybe. Various times in scriptures God warns against sexual sins of all kind and yet we go ahead with what we think is right.

Pastors have lost their congregations, honour and integrity in one split second.

Politicians have lost…

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For Single Ladies. That Frog is Not A Prince.

Praise George is someone who writing I respect. As a writer, i am inspired by his passion for passing his message across through writing. I met him a few times, and he exudes that same passion even in his speech. This will bless you.

Praise George

For Single Ladies. That Frog is Not A Prince.

1. A frog is a man who is totally unsuitable for you. He is a man of bad character.

2. Women who like frogs are RESCUERS. A rescuer is a woman who wants to ‘help’ men who have character issues or who are ‘down on their luck’. The problem with rescuing a frog is that, first, it will not turn into a prince and second, it wants a female frog for a wife.

3. Kissing or trying to develop a relationship with a frog will not magically transform it into a prince.

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It’s Sex For Money

Wherever people are willing to pay for anything, there will always be people willing to sell it.

When a woman sells her body for money, she is called a prostitute, and anyone who gets a cut of the profits is called a pimp.

But when actors and actresses are paid large amounts of money to take off their clothes and act out various perversions for people to watch, they are called artists,

And those who get a percentage of the profits are called entertainment companies.

Those words sound nicer, but no matter what words are used, the actors are prostitutes, and their corporate bosses are pimps.

It’s sex for money.

Let’s not think our entertainment doesn’t affect the way we live. What people enjoy looking at and thinking about, they tend to become.

Why be shocked at so many unwanted pregnancies,

So many people dying of AIDS,

So many rapes,

So much violent crime and murder

When people fill their minds with scenes from Sodom, more and more will want to get their thrills not just from watching such things but actually doing them.

Be careful to live a life worthy of emulation.




“After ALL I did for him! How can he quit the relationship just like that? I helped start his business, spent most of my time growing that business and running the streets for customers. I don’t deserve to be dumped!”

There was no way I could calm her the first time we spoke. She was deeply hurt and fought really hard controlling herself not to be vengeful; she had justified Continue reading


?????????????????????????????????????“15 years ago, a man who I trusted and looked up to for protection and care took advantage of me. He did it more than once…I cried until I got used to it. Till date I can still see him coming to me and his face beaming with wicked smiles. I promised to kill him when I grow up but God came into the picture. Continue reading

Avoiding Sexual Abuse


  1. Always dress properly, do not wear clothes that would expose parts (especially private areas) of your body.
  2. Do not walk alone at night especially at lonely streets, or dark areas; where there is no light.
  3. Do not undress in the presence of people, especially in presence of the opposite sex.
  4. Do not show your underwear to your friends while putting it on so they can admire it.
  5. Do not undress for anyone to see your body.
  6. Do not hold hands or hug anyone you are not comfortable with even if it is a family member. If someone forces you to hug them, run away the next time you see them. Better still, tell your parents/guardian Continue reading

New Year, New Better You! 11 Simple Tweaks To Get The Best Out Of 2015


Many believe in New year resolution – a new way of doing things with an expectation to achieve more. There would really be no need for a “new year resolution” if we have the habit to win or succeed in whatever we do. At most make new year goals. As we begin the year, we need to take a look again at 2014, a really critical look and access how we fared. Even if we thought we did well, you find out that we would have still done better. However, whether you are doing well or not, as we progressed into the new year I have compiled 11 questions that can positively shape your life in 2015. Answer them sincerely to yourself and advise yourself where you need to buckle up.

1.     Do You Show up for appointment?

Some people are just not good at keeping appointments. They either do not show up or when they do, they are late. When you do this, you will not be taken seriously no matter how gifted you are. If you agreed to an appointment, do all you can to keep it up and if you must cancel do so with enough prior notice. It convinces people that you are responsible enough to put them into consideration. If you will be late, call to say you will be late and state whatever is making you run late. For instance, when you make a call for being late say, “I am sorry , I will be 30 minutes late, I had a flat tyre”, instead of not calling at all or calling to saying,  “Sorry, I will be late.” With that kind of excuse some people may think you are deliberately avoiding the appointment or taking them for granted. Continue reading

20 Reasons You May Need To Reconsider Your Relationship As You Step Into The NEW YEAR

  1. If your partner is not earning and doesn’t want to earn. Money is a big issue. Take it seriously. Love will turn sour ???????????????????????when the two of you are broke.
  2. If your partner is a liar, a cheat or a pretender; life is too short to accommodate living a false life. You deserve better
  3. If your partner is not committed. Commitment is a sign that both of you are heading same way. Don’t just HANG; you deserve to be the MAIN person. Continue reading