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Some people’s life ‘goal is to GET MARRIED and it’s a good thing especially when it’s that one special person you have always dreamed of.

For many that “yes I do” is a dream come true! And that simple response can either be an introduction to a life of marital bliss in the face of challenges or a walk into hurts and heartbreak when the marriage cannot stand the realities of marriage.

In this book, I have put together 20 suggestions on what should NOT form your SOLE decision to get married.

It contains most of the things that are likely to influence your commitment decision and whether they are worth giving a priority or not.

To download click 20 REASONS NOT TO MARRY

Just Another Dream

You came into me,

Your touch,

Your smell,

Your warmth,

Your sparkles,

Oh how you conquered me!

Alas! You did not stay,

You went away with the dawn,

My heart you took away with you.

Come again into me  my love.

I am sitting here waiting,

My thought is dancing around the mystery date.

A smile is coming to my face, he is a fine man i imagine.

I am crossing my leg and pointing the high heel stilleto of my left foot,

I am rehearsing a seductive smile and that voice.

Here he comes! Just the way he is in my fantasy land.

Fine man indeed!

“Hello pretty, did I keep you waiting for long?”

The sound of his huskiness is just as he looks.

I am overcome by his presence.

He is touching me,

I am loving the feel of his unsmooth palm,

“Don’t stop,” I mutter.

He is stroking my arm,

“Don’t stop,” I am near moan.

“Wake up! We are getting late.”

Oh! This fine man was just a dream.