It’s Sex For Money

Wherever people are willing to pay for anything, there will always be people willing to sell it.

When a woman sells her body for money, she is called a prostitute, and anyone who gets a cut of the profits is called a pimp.

But when actors and actresses are paid large amounts of money to take off their clothes and act out various perversions for people to watch, they are called artists,

And those who get a percentage of the profits are called entertainment companies.

Those words sound nicer, but no matter what words are used, the actors are prostitutes, and their corporate bosses are pimps.

It’s sex for money.

Let’s not think our entertainment doesn’t affect the way we live. What people enjoy looking at and thinking about, they tend to become.

Why be shocked at so many unwanted pregnancies,

So many people dying of AIDS,

So many rapes,

So much violent crime and murder

When people fill their minds with scenes from Sodom, more and more will want to get their thrills not just from watching such things but actually doing them.

Be careful to live a life worthy of emulation.