Overcome Sexual Abuse; Don’t Put Your Life On Hold

“I was abused by my step dad from the age of 9. He thought me to smoke cigarettes and take alcohol. At 10, open-door-emike-bini-1000x625I smoked like him. While we are not smoking or drinking, he was abusing me. My mom couldn’t say anything because he would beat her as he often did. He died of stroke when I was 15. It was hard for me to do anything else since life with him was the only way I knew to live. I had become used to his abuse, i wanted it. I soon got into the street. Mom could not stop me, I was already wild even before the death of her husband. On the street, I had many sex partners and slept with many people just to have food, alcohol, and cigarettes. At 20 I had been to prison up to four times. It was during one of my detention, I was in a cell with someone who claimed he did nothing wrong but was wrongly implicated. Even at that he had a strong believe that God was able to deliver him and restore him to his family. Here was a man in prison who did nothing wrong yet hoping on God to come to his aid, here was me who didn’t deserve to live. The man preached to me and I had a change of heart. I repented but I could not move on with my life. I had dropped out of school, haven’t heard from home in five years, I didn’t know how to move forward…”

The clock ticks as life goes on. Time and tide of life doesn’t wait for you to finish hurting. Get your life back on track again and keep going. Every dream or project you trashed because you thought you are not good enough. It’s time to pick them.


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How To Recognise And love A Sexually Abused Child


While they are no sure ways to TOTALLY protect your child or ward from the chances of being sexually abused or even raped, there is ALOT you can do to reduce those chances. Many victims didn’t ‘expected’ it when it happened, even when they ‘know’, as children there is not much they can do especially if the abuser is someone very familiar to them and someone they trust and look up to. Continue reading

Sexual Abuse And The Lies

sex abuse

Sexual Abuse is…

  • When someone (usually older or more powerful) forces or deceives you to sexually satisfy him/her. It is usually something you don’t want to do and not ready to do.
  • When someone forces you to look at other people having sex or watch them touch their private areas.
  • When someone older than you makes you have sex with them. This person can be anybody from a family member/relatives, to a neighbor, a teacher, a schoolmate etc. Continue reading