New Year, New Better You! 11 Simple Tweaks To Get The Best Out Of 2015


Many believe in New year resolution – a new way of doing things with an expectation to achieve more. There would really be no need for a “new year resolution” if we have the habit to win or succeed in whatever we do. At most make new year goals. As we begin the year, we need to take a look again at 2014, a really critical look and access how we fared. Even if we thought we did well, you find out that we would have still done better. However, whether you are doing well or not, as we progressed into the new year I have compiled 11 questions that can positively shape your life in 2015. Answer them sincerely to yourself and advise yourself where you need to buckle up.

1.     Do You Show up for appointment?

Some people are just not good at keeping appointments. They either do not show up or when they do, they are late. When you do this, you will not be taken seriously no matter how gifted you are. If you agreed to an appointment, do all you can to keep it up and if you must cancel do so with enough prior notice. It convinces people that you are responsible enough to put them into consideration. If you will be late, call to say you will be late and state whatever is making you run late. For instance, when you make a call for being late say, “I am sorry , I will be 30 minutes late, I had a flat tyre”, instead of not calling at all or calling to saying,  “Sorry, I will be late.” With that kind of excuse some people may think you are deliberately avoiding the appointment or taking them for granted. Continue reading